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A visual introduction to pitch sequencing with Carlos Martinez

In which I introduce a project I’ve been working on this offseason...

Revisiting the possibility of Trevor Rosenthal as a starting pitcher

Michael Wacha is the obvious replacement for the Tommy John-bound Alex Reyes, but Trevor Rosenthal has long been interested in getting his shot in the starting rotation.

Should Michael Wacha scrap his cutter?

In his quest to develop a consistent glove-side movement pitch, Wacha began throwing a cutter. Three seasons later, is it time to end the experiment?

Changing speeds with Alex Reyes

As a hitter, when you are tasked with catching up to 101+ MPH, it is borderline unfair to also have to wait back on a pitch in the mid to high 70’s.

The depth of Alex Reyes’ repertoire

Post DL stint, Trevor Rosenthal returned to form

Good Rosie’s back. Back again.

Adam Wainwright needs to simplify approach in 2017

Consistency with his fastballs should be Adam Wainwright’s primary focus entering 2017.

The repertoire of Brett Cecil

Cecil’s stuff allows him to fill multiple roles within the Cardinals bullpen.

Carlos Martinez’s “filthiest” pitches of 2016

Full disclosure: These pitches are probably not safe for work.

Admiring the Chris Carpenter twoseamer utilized by Corey Kluber in World Series game one

Following up on Adam Wainwright’s curveball

Alex Reyes and the beauty of well-executed pitch sequencing

Carlos Martinez has rediscovered his slider

Look out, National League. Carlos Martinez is on a mission to perfect his repertoire.

What is going on with Jaime Garcia?

Alex Reyes beginning to change up his MLB approach

Good luck to MLB hitters once Reyes breaks out his entire repertoire on a consistent basis.

Revisiting the MLB debut of Luke Weaver

In which I take my turn in writing about Luke Weaver's MLB debut...

Welcome to the big leagues, Alex Reyes (finally)

Insert triple flame emoji here.

Profiling the Cardinals’ new bullpen arm Zach Duke

Given yesterday's acquisition, let's get acquainted with the repertoire of Zach Duke...

Repertoires of Jose Fernandez & Carlos Martinez

Warning: This post contains borderline NSFW GIFs.

The emergence of strikeouts for Mike Leake

It's Mike Leake's world -- we just live in it.

Fixing Trevor Rosenthal

Trevor Rosenthal may not be in the closer role anymore, but expect him to return to form sooner rather than later.

Adam Wainwright's flattened curveball

Adam Wainwright has fought through an interesting 2016 season thus far. Let's take a look at how his curveball has performed compared to previous seasons.

Seung Hwan Oh riding fastball to early MLB success

Carlos Martinez back on track after start vs. MIL

It may have come against the Milwaukee Brewers, but Martinez put together his best start of 2016 on Monday. After a string of five straight losses, it almost felt like a necessary step in the right direction.

The differences in Mike Leake's last 3 starts

What's up with Carlos Martinez's changeup?

Reviewing Mike Leake's quality start vs. Angels

Mike Leake produced a good stat line on Tuesday. Did the process match up with the results, though?

What is wrong with Seth Maness?

The evolution of Carlos Martinez, starting pitcher

Documenting Adam Wainwright's slow start

Michael Wacha's small, but promising step forward

The MLB debut of Seung-hwan Oh