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How Jack Flaherty turned the corner (Part Two)

Flaherty’s fastball has become a more effective weapon against lefties

How Jack Flaherty turned the corner (Part One)

A pitch-by-pitch breakdown of the young righty’s sudden success against lefties

Luke Weaver continues to improve

A developing curveball further enhances the young right-hander’s arsenal

What went wrong in Adam Wainwright’s rough first start?

Key takeaways from the veteran’s uninspiring home opener

The progression of Mike Mayers

Once a laughing stock among fans, the righty has taken steps forward in a bullpen role.

Inside Mike Leake's Falloff

The eighty million dollar man has lost the feel for his secondary pitches

Lethal Pitch Sequencing with Trevor Rosenthal

A refined gameplan has taken the closer to new heights in 2017

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Credit where it’s due: Brett Cecil appears to have regained his mojo

And the St. Louis Cardinals are very thankful that he has...

Has Carlos Martinez cleared the final hurdle?

The sample size doesn’t give us a definitive answer, but repertoire adjustments have been key so far in 2017.

Did Seung Hwan Oh find his offspeed pitch for facing lefties?

It’s an undeniably small sample size, but inducing three whiffs on three swings is a good place to start.

Seung Hwan Oh is struggling to miss bats in 2017

The Cardinals closer has been of replacement level value through 23.0 innings pitched this season.

Is Kevin Siegrist evolving approach?

Siegrist is throwing an improved curveball more frequently this month.

Trevor Rosenthal threw the best changeup you’ll ever see

Read (and see) more to find out...

What’s going on with Brett Cecil’s curveball?

Should we be concerned about the 30-year-old lefty?

Carlos Martinez, Brett Cecil, and Trevor Rosenthal strike out Brewers

Some things you just have to see to appreciate...

Lance Lynn toying with cutter so far in 2017

A slight repertoire shift for Lynn could pay big dividends this season.

Adam Wainwright has looked a little bit better

And the curveball has been a big reason why.

For Kevin Siegrist, it’s not just a velocity problem

Compounding issues are plaguing Kevin Siegrist in 2017.

Mike Leake has been the Cardinals’ best pitcher

Of all MLB pitchers with only two starts in 2017, Mike Leake leads the way with 0.7 fWAR.

Trevor Rosenthal isn’t fair to opposing hitters

Rosenthal appears to have added another pitch to his already plus repertoire, making his matchup even tougher for opponents.

Michael Wacha displays new pitch in 2017 debut

After winning one game each in their first two series, the Cardinals are 2-4. On the bright side, the starters, including Wacha, looked strong the first time through the rotation.

Carlos Martinez looks like an ace

The torch has been passed to the 25-year-old Carlos Martinez, and one start into the 2017 season, against no slouch of an opponent, he certainly appears up to the task.

Why is Matt Bowman difficult to hit?

In which I do my best to explain with words and GIFs as to why Bowman was effective last season.

Should Adam Wainwright continue his pursuit of a changeup?

Wainwright has focused on the changeup for the majority of spring. Should he bring the pitch north with him?

Roles and pitch tunneling involving Trevor Rosenthal

In which I discuss Rosenthal’s role in 2017 as well as how he utilizes pitch tunneling in order to be an effective MLB pitcher.

The clock is ticking for Miguel Socolovich

Will a bad contract (Jonathan Broxton) and excitement associated with other bullpen candidates keep Socolovich off the Opening Day roster?

Trust the changeup versus lefties, Carlos Martinez

Martinez possesses the tools to be successful versus lefties. Now let’s see him utilize them.

Rediscovering Michael Wacha’s changeup

Wacha is an important figure for the 2017 Cardinals. Rediscovering the changeup will go a long way for the righty.

Why is Seung Hwan Oh so difficult to hit?

The Cardinals closer’s utilization of pitch tunnels allowed him to be successful despite not having overpowering stuff.

Carlos Martinez is evolving once again

Most pitchers would be more than happy to settle on a solid four-pitch repertoire. Carlos Martinez isn’t like most pitchers.

On spring training repertoire developments

Adam Wainwright and Luke Weaver are focused on repertoire modifications this spring. Will these changes ultimately materialize for regular-season use?