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2015 MLB Draft

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Kep Brown Decides to Go the Juco Route

Kep Brown, the Cardinals' tenth-round pick in the 2015 draft, is heading to a junior college, rather than Miami, where he was originally committed.

2015 Draft Preview Eighteen

Six non-first round type bats, but all of them intriguing in one way or another.

2015 Draft Preview Seventeen

A bonus edition of the draft preview series, containing four players instead of the usual three. This time we're covering college shortstops.

2015 Draft Preview Sixteen

Four young hitters, all of whom boast big-time power potential.

St. Louis Cardinals Farm Inventory 2015: Catchers

Leading off the Future Redbirds amateur draft coverage is a look at the backstops in the current farm system. Not a whole lot of change at this position from last year, and zero changes of any note.

2015 Draft Preview Fifteen

A double shot of drafty goodness, served up hot on a Sunday morning.

2015 Draft Preview Fourteen

Scouting a group of three collegiate outfielders as we get closer to draft day.

2015 Draft Preview Part Thirteen

A group of three players with the highest ceilings imaginable, written up for your drafting edification.

2015 Draft Preview No. Twelve

Another batch of scouting reports, this time focusing on left-handed pitchers of the collegiate variety.

2015 Draft Preview No. Eleven

Three catchers, all of the high school variety, are covered herein.

2015 Draft Preview No. Ten

Another batch of draft scouting reports; this week's edition focuses on a trio of high school outfielders.

2015 Draft Preview No. 9

Scouting reports on three high-ceiling pitching talents, as well as a variety of news and updates on other draftable players.

2015 Draft Preview Eight

College infielders! Getcha college infielders heeyah!

2015 Draft Preview No. 7

More scouting reports, this time covering three collegiate right-handed hurlers.

2015 Draft Preview Six

Covering a group of three high

2015 Draft Preview No. 5

Three high school righthanders, all scouted up and ready to go for your edification.

2015 Draft Preview No. 4

A trio of college righthanders, including two from the same defending national championship squad.

2015 Draft Preview No. 3

A look at three of the top bat-first or bat-only position players in the 2015 collegiate class.

2015 Draft Preview Chapter Two

The hitters your fearless host favours at this extremely early date, with his customary long-winded, meandering scouting reports attached.

2015 Draft Preview Part One

You want to know what dumb ideas your draftee host held way back in the dead of winter? Then this is the post for you!


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