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MLB Draft 3rd round: St. Louis Cardinals select Florida OF Harrison Bader with pick No. 100

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After the St. Louis Cardinals selected three high-upside high-school players on the opening night of the 2015 MLB Draft, the organization evened things about a bit with their first selection of Tuesday's third round. The Cardinals selected college outfielder Harrison Bader with the 100th pick. The pick also sticks with the Cards' Day One theme: bats.

Bader made Minor League Ball's John Sickels's list of college outfielder to watch. Here are Sickels thoughts on the University of Florida junior:

Junior, hits right, another multi-talent, hit .289/.390/.544 with 14 homers, 30/49 BB/K in 228 at-bats, runs well and a good fielder but might be something of a tweener in pro ball, will still go early due to paucity of proven bats this year. TT: Second round.

Here's the video on Bader:

VEB will have more MLB Draft coverage as the second day continues. You can join the Day Two discussion thread here.