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MLB Draft: St. Louis Cardinals select high-school outfielder Nick Plummer with first-round pick

The St. Louis Cardinals selected prep outfielder Nick Plummer at No. 23 with their first-round pick in the 2015 MLB Draft.

Here is SBN sister site Minor League Ball's assessment of Plummer from May, who they ranked the 18th talent in the draft:

Nick Plummer is one of the best hitting prep prospects in this draft. He has similar pros and cons to D.J. Stewart. He is limited defensively to left field, although Plummer could probably play CF for a year or two in the low minors. He has a short, compact swing with a line drive approach. He is solidly build so the power should play to at least average down the line. He runs well and should be an asset in LF. Here is the problem that I see. He is from Michigan. He has a short track record and he has yet to show any true weaknesses. How do you properly rank a player that is all projection and hasn't failed. Well, you can't knock him for what you haven't seen, so he will be ranked highly. I agree that he should rate high but if he projects as a future LF with an above average or better bat, that's D.J. Stewart but three years further away from the majors and with more risk, albeit with potentially higher ceiling. So why is Plummer rated in the 10-15 range but Stewart in the 25-30 range? It looks to me that whoever takes him should be thinking he will be a CF with a similar bat to Stewart. Just something to think about. If he doesn't sign, he is going to Kentucky and could be a draft eligible sophomore, depending on the cutoff date.

Here's the video:


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