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Wins and Saves are hurting Mike Matheny as manager

The pitcher win and the save are arbitrary statistics. They should not inform managerial decisions, but they do.

What does panic look like for the Cardinals?

How can we tell if the Cardinals are pressing?

Matheny lineups as a reflection of his techniques

The divisive Cardinals skipper has only had three chances to placate criticism of his lineup cards, but in a small sample, are Mike Matheny's tendencies in line with past seasons?

Mike Matheny as a sabermetric lineup constructor

How does the Cardinals manager compare to his predecessor in constructing a stat-friendly batting order?

Cardinals news & notes: Matheny and the PitchF/x

Trevor Rosenthal has a good fourseamer, more rumors, and other fun stuff as the offseason plods along.

Pitcher injuries in the Mike Matheny era

The Cardinals dealt with a lot of injuries in 2015, and as a result, some have questioned Mike Matheny's management of injured players. How have the Cardinals fared with pitcher injuries since Mike Matheny took over as Cardinals manager?

Playing chess with Matheny

It's in moments of crisis when he needs to think a few moves ahead where the Cardinals manager continues to struggle.

Matheny should pull his starting pitchers early

With a deep bullpen and extra days off in the playoffs, Mike Matheny should be quick to pull his starting pitchers this postseason.

Where is Peter Bourjos?

Despite injuries to the Cardinals' top two center fielders, Peter Bourjos has not been able to get consistent playing time in 2015. Is there any plausible explanation for the way he has been handled?

Mike Matheny and pitcher wins

Why does Mike Matheny repeatedly make what appears to be a tactical mistake, all for the sake of an individual player statistic, and what can be done to make this less of an issue going forward?

Examining Mike Matheny's usage of Trevor Rosenthal

In which I take a much closer look at how Rosenthal has been used so far in 2015.

Mathenaging: Broxton vs. Davis and platoon splits

Mike Matheny's decision to have Jonathan Broxton face Khris Davis in the eighth inning of Sunday's loss to Milwaukee was not a bad one.

Mathenaging: Bullpen usage & reliever salaries

Cards reliever usage tracker: 13-man pen edition

Better, but still probably unsustainable in terms of appearances.

Is the Cardinals' reliever usage pace sustainable?

Randy Choate and LOOGY collateral damage

Mike Matheny's New Year's Resolutions

Does the Cardinals' manager have any room for improvement in 2015?

Should the Cards fire Matheny & hire Maddon?

Is a retcon of Taveras's 2014 conditioning afoot?

General manager John Mozeliak and manager Mike Matheny have openly criticized Oscar Taveras's conditioning. Is it justified?

Parsing the Mozeliak & Matheny press conference

At a joint press conference Mozeliak and Matheny discussed the health of Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha, Oscar Taveras vs. Randal Grichuk in right field, Carlos Martinez and Marco Gonzales's 2015 roles, trading Randy Choate, arbitration, and more.

Mozeliak and Matheny need to get on the same page

John Mozeliak had to make multiple decisions this season to plan around Mike Matheny's deficiencies as manager, including a preference for "Mike guys" and misplaced devotion to small sample sizes.

Mike Matheny: One-plan man

The rigidity of Matheny's NLCS Game 5 approach hurt the Cardinals' chances of beating the Giants.

Can STL win the World Series despite Matheny?

After NLCS Game 5, one wonders if the Cardinals will ever be able to win a World Series in spite of their manager.

*Analyzing Mike Matheny's decisions in Game 4

Taking a closer look at the moves in the Cardinals' disappointing loss.

Why did Tony Cruz pinch-hit in NLCS Game 1?

I've crunched the numbers and I have no idea.

*#Mathenaging: Giving credit where credit is due

It's a negative term around VEB circles, but Mike Matheny's #Mathenaging skill last night (with one notable exception) was an important cog in a Cardinals win.

NLDS Roster: Kozma, Matheny, & small sample sizes

If the rumblings are correct, it appears that Pete Kozma might be making the St. Louis Cardinals NLDS roster and a Game 1 start at second base because of his successful results against Clayton Kershaw over nine head-to-head plate appearances.

Revisiting the tenth inning of last night's loss


Bad things happen to those who bunt

A bunt is designed to give away an out, but often they give away an out without even achieving the bunt.

My Rule 3.05(b) mistake

Sometimes a mistake requires its own post. Today's is one of those.

Mathenaging: Still losing at reliever chess

After nearly three years on the job, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny still hasn't gotten the hang of late-inning reliever chess.

Mike Matheny has done at least one thing right

It may be hard to believe, but one cannot really complain about Matheny's management of center field...