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Oli Marmol ready to “take our shot at the championship” (and other highlights from his press conference)

The Cardinals introduced their 51st manager

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him why he intentionally walked the bases loaded - A Hunt and Peck

A rant.

Matt Adams, Mike Matheny, and The Philosophy of Failure

Matt Adams being back with the Cardinals has led to some existential thinking, which seems odd.

Three Mikes and a Bullpen

Mike Shildt runs a bullpen differently than Mike Matheny. It’s maybe not always obvious just how different it really is, though.

Mike Matheny made some good decisions - A Hunt and Peck

A reflection on the good.

A farewell to #Mathenaging

Mike Matheny, John Mabry, Bill Mueller dismissed

Bench coach Mike Shildt will act as interim manager

Featured Fanshot

Mike Matheny has been fired.

It. Actually. Happened. For real. More details to follow.

So you want to make a double switch... - A Hunt and Peck

Double switching can be confusing, so I have written a primer on it just for you...

A first glance at the Matheny-Maddux bullpen strategy

For many Cardinals fans, Opening Day felt like the same old song on repeat.

Mike Matheny on today’s players and analytics - A Hunt and Peck

Matheny discusses how today’s players use data.

Playoff managers and Mike Matheny have the same problem

The playoffs have exposed some bullpen management problems that we’ve already seen from Mike Matheny

Are the Cardinals reining in Mike Matheny?

The Cardinals have struggled with fundamentals and bullpen management, and appear to be addressing those issues by taking away some power from the manager

Mike Matheny is too slow to replace starting pitchers

A look at all managers shows Mike Matheny to be the worst in baseball at replacing starters this year.

Mike Matheny’s terrible bullpen strategy: a vignette

In a must-win game, Matheny showed us why we think he’s so bad at this

Ryan Sherriff and Mike Matheny’s decision to use him

Understanding strengths and weaknesses of players is important

Growing old with Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina, as people tend to do, is aging. How will the team adapt?

Why does Paul DeJong keep starting?

Since his promotion from Memphis, the infielder immediately supplanted Greg Garcia as first-choice second baseman with Kolten Wong out

Mike Matheny and pulling the starting pitcher too late

This isn’t a new problem, and the bullpen isn’t helping, either.

How Mike Matheny affected the Cardinals career of Matt Adams

Playing under Mike Matheny was both the best and worst thing to ever happen to the former Cardinal

Mike Matheny and the Church of Clutch

Quietly, Mike Matheny was a remarkably clutch player. Has that affected his managing?

Jhonny Peralta and the future of aging veterans

The shortstop-turned-third baseman could be a test case for how Mike Matheny will handle aging players

Mike Matheny and the two-hitter

It may not be his biggest problem, but Mike Matheny continues to fill out less-than-perfect batting orders on his lineup cards.

John Mozeliak sending messages through the media?

Could John Mozeliak be making a plea to Mike Matheny on playing time?

How should the Cardinals handle three-run save situations?

The instability of the Cardinals’ bullpen calls new-age wisdom of when to conserve your closer into question

Mike Matheny, Alex Reyes, and pitching for the win

Alex Reyes was removed from his first MLB start one out away from qualifying for the pitching win. Was this the right move, and how does it compare with Mike Matheny’s track record?

Two times Mike Matheny was good

It is probably not a great sign that Mike Matheny making good moves warrants an article on Viva El Birdos, but here we are.

Mike Matheny should be fired

It’s time for John Mozeliak to fix his biggest mistake: Hiring Mike Matheny

On not bringing the closer in for a tie game on the road

Mike Matheny’s poor strategy

The "great" 2016 Cardinals center field experiment

Recent trials in center field for Stephen Piscotty and Kolten Wong reveal very different approaches to handling the position.

Mike Matheny's Lineup Construction

Mike Matheny has a process for putting lineups together. It is both praise-worthy and cringe-worthy.

Mathenaging returns

Questioning Mike's decisions in Sunday's game


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