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Cardinals news and notes: Garcia, uniforms, Brewers

Some of us were rooting for the Cubs last night. Some of us were not. We are all fine. (And news and notes.)

Cardinals news and notes: Oh, Carlos, Mets

That Wainwright-Cespedes play made my head spin (and news and notes)

Cardinals news and notes: Gyorko, Reyes, Freese

We’ll be seeing more of David Freese. That and yesterday’s content at VEB.

Cardinals news and notes: Yadi, injuries, Carlos

As Yadier Molina goes, so goes the...Cubs? (This disturbing development as well as news and notes.)

Cardinals news & notes: Bowman, Weaver, unis

Let’s power rank an old picture of Whitey Herzog (as well as news and notes)

Cardinals news & notes: Walk-offs, Broxton, Reds

Ways to walk-off a baseball game, ranked (and news and notes)

Cardinals news & notes: 2B, Holliday, the Wizard, Braves

You should follow @cardenales even if you’re not fluent in Spanish. That as well as some exciting Cardinals news and notes.

Cardinals news and notes: Prospects, Moss, Reds

The Cardinals’ Twitter account is improving (as well as yesterday at VEB)

Cardinals news and notes: Rasmus, Diaz, and Duke

The Rasmus trade as well as yesterday at VEB

Cards news/notes: Deep thoughts, trades, hacking

The Cardinals have the chance to do something they haven't done in 52 years. That and yesterday at VEB.

on july 19, 1996 ali lit the olympic torch

Not baseball related, but who says it has to be?

Cardinals news & notes: Matheny, Grichuk, Correa

The 2006 World Series was the best. That and yesterday at VEB.

Cardinals news & notes: Sherriff, bunts, El Gallo

Yesterday at VEB

stanton mashes dingers

So this happened...

Cardinals news and notes: Puig, Reyes, HR Derby

An exhibit on the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry is coming to a presidential library near you. Well, near some of you. Probably. (That and yesterday at VEB.)

Cards news & notes: Carpenter, Piscotty, Pirates

Matt Carpenter is hurt and we can wallow in misery or relive two of his greatest at-bats. That and yesterday at VEB.

Matt Carpenter Cardinals' lone selection to ASG

Matt Carpenter has been one of the best hitters in the NL this year and was justly rewarded with a trip to San Diego next week.

Players to wear dresses in display of toughness

Because you ain't played baseball until you have played it in a dress. is back and better than ever

You likely remember @PitcherGIFs, and yet, without much explanation, it vanished. Over the last year, @ThePitcherList has been building its site up, and today, at this very moment, they have officially launched their completely revamped product.

Jhonny Peralta's injury continues an unfortunate trend

The Cardinals lost more vital players to the disabled list in 2015 than any other team. The hope for a healthier 2016 is off to a bad start.

News & notes: Grichuk, the QO, & the Cardinals Way

Yesterday at VEB

News & notes: Rosenthal, Reyes, & the Shredder

Nick Punto retired yesterday and other happenings at VEB

News & notes: BP annual, Waino, & El Gallo's hair

Will the Cardinals miss the playoffs in 2016? That and a review of yesterday at VEB.

Looking for relief from Jordan Walden in 2016

Any production from Jordan Walden in 2016 will be welcome and stabilizing to a relief core that's already stable.

News and notes: Prospects, Holliday, and Tsunamy

Everything you may have missed at VEB on Thursday along with some new spring training gear.

Making sense of the Garber settlement

Last week Major League Baseball settled the pending Garber lawsuit. How big of a victory that was for fans going forward is not entirely clear.

Cardinals news & notes: Holliday, Waino, & the DH

The Cardinals ZiPS projections are released and like it or not the designated hitter is heading to the National League.

News and notes: Mean tweets, Holliday, & Cards HOF

Read some mean tweets about the Cubs and details on why the Cardinals offense in 2016 might be better than you think.

News & notes: Oh, Ohlman, & Mike Phillips?

Seung Hwan Oh has officially signed with the Cardinals and the hacking mess is far from over. More importantly, who is Mike Phillips?

News & Notes: Scoreboards, Sinkers, Jimmy Ballgame

Busch Stadium will have a beautiful new scoreboard next year to broadcast all of the Hall of Fame speeches from non-Cardinals.

News and notes: The Wizard, weather, and Big Mac

At VEB we're dishing on old greats and whether the Cardinals should be interested in the Rockies' outfield.

Mark McGwire was not let off the hook for PED use

In spite of what you may have heard, Mark McGwire was not let off easier than others for PED use.