Cubs charter flight scheduled to leave St. Louis


It appears the Cubs are leaving St. Louis tonight at 6:30pm, or at least their flight number has a scheduled departure for that time. If this is the case, it appears the entire series will be postponed. Perhaps there is another reason why this flight would be leaving, though. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, this is just purely speculation.

With apologies to Green Day


Not sure if my clench muscles can take a month of this.

Another feat of engineering?


I wouldn't expect the Cards to add any payroll at the deadline. They're already trying to save money by patching Piscotty's pants.

40 DAYS TO APRIL 3: Stan the Man at Age 40


With 40 days until Opening Day, here are some facts about Stan Musial's Age-40 season in 1961:
Musial was walked intentionally 17 times, a record for Age 40.
On-base percentage: .371
Slugging Percentage: .489
Extra Base Hits: 41
Strikeouts: 35

Cards optimistic about Yadi's postseason status


#STLCards All-Star catcher Yadier Molina seen by hand specialist today. Team remains optimistic that he will be on postseason roster.

— St. Louis Cardinals (@Cardinals) October 5, 2015

Somebody tell Marp that the Reverse C and Loop


That you see in this pic of him hitting a home run out of the Braves spring training stadium will keep him from hitting the ball. Gotta keep the barrel above the ball.

12/3 Evening Thread


Here's an evening thread for this fine Wednesday evening in December.

Jason Heyward's Swing


One thing that strikes me about Jason Heyward's swing is the intensity. By watching his feet, you can get a sense of the force with which he is rotating. That's what it looks like when you take a swing to "11".

The interesting thing is that Heyward's swing isn't unusually short. It's 10 frames, which is typical.

As a result, of the violence of his rotation. Heyward gets pronounced extension, but his extension is the result of the force of his rotation, not the cause of anything.

The biggest negative that I see is a lack of a Z-Axis adjustment mechanism. Like Matt Holliday and Matt Adams, and unlike Albert Pujols, Jason Heyward has no way of delaying the start of his swing other than keeping his hands back. Notice how his hands don't launch until a couple of frames after his front heel plants. That (kind of) works, but it's not as efficient as what Pujols does (or, really, did) or Edmonds did.

Randal Grichuk nearly hits the sun.


This homer off Tim Hudson tied the game at 4.

Wainwright points at Matheny like "You the man(ager)"


Courtesy of VEBer Sean (@2xAught7 on Twitter).