Freese and Punto activated


Just saw this, Freese and Punto just got activated and will be in Baltimore, Brown and Kozma to Memphis.

Five Albert Pujols Grieving Lessons From The Movie-Old-Testament


Actual VEB post about Albert Pujols forthcoming. In the meantime, a list of dramatic movie-grief possibilities for his wrist injury.

Coherent MLB Restructuring Strategy


If Major League Baseball is really going to realign, here's an approach that's as rational as it is radical.

Holliday said he wanted your pants. He says they probably have some hits in them.


Holliday said he wanted your pants. He says they probably have some hits in them.

Equipment manager Rip Rowan to Hall-of-Famer and Coach Emeritus Red Schoendienst Moar Goold quote for when the P-D erases it: The prolonged skid left some Cardinals searching for ways to bust the slump. Skip Schumaker and Ryan Theriot had Kyle Lohse shave lines in their hair, but only on one side, from the temple back. Schumaker suggested they go old school and wear their cuffs high to reveal red stirrups. Ryan Theriot and Yadier Molina agreed, and before taking the field Holliday decided "to join the little fellas." That's why he needed Schoendienst's pants -- they fit his waist, but were short enough to show off the socks. Wearing them the way Schoendienst does, with the black and white rings showing at the top of the stirrup, Holliday drilled a fastball from Royals' reliever Greg Holland with one out in the eighth to reverse the Royals' one-run lead. Colby Rasmus set up the winner with a leadoff single off a lefty reliever, and on a hit-and-run he sped to second to avoid a double play on Albert Pujols' sharp grounder. ... La Russa said the instant production was the result of Holliday's "hard work." Others could chalk it up to talent. Perhaps it was the pants. They'll be back Sunday. "I would think so," Holliday said. "You don't change up (after) a win." See also the previous Man Stew 2011 installment:

Communism, Whores, And Streetcars: An Oral History of the Suicide Squeeze


"Rogers Horsnby: So Doc chickened out and helped Skip with this plan to bring down democracy [by inventing the suicide squeeze], so I tell Doc, as soon as he got back to the dugout "You're an embarrassment to your father." And, sure enough, he looks up in the stands and his father is crying." Alex Fritz uses a time machine to learn more about the invention of the suicide squeeze; SB Nation St. Louis's travel budget is permanently exhausted.

Stan Musial Topic on Charlie Rose Airs Next Monday


Costas, McCarver, and the author of the new book Vecsey sit down with Charlie Rose on PBS. Apparently Channel 9 pre-empted it for fundraising. Now will air on Monday 1:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Albertofstan time.

Speed Ball


Bob Feller's fastball is clocked using army ordinance equipment used to measure artillery shell velocity.

The Pitching Technique That's Threatening Baseball's Young Phenoms


Allen Barra, sportswriter for the Wall Street Journal and the Daily Best, writes in the Atlantic about how "[b]oth the Yankees' Joba Chamberlain and the Nationals' Stephen Strasburg are victims of the 'Inverted W.'"

I just saw him hit a walk-off home run that morning on ESPN and here he is cheering for our team.


I just saw him hit a walk-off home run that morning on ESPN and here he is cheering for our team.

Pac-10 player of the year Tony Renda - Cal baseball comes back from extinction Via KD1, who also provided video link: