That's Just Not Good Enough For Joe Strauss


There's no news about Albert Pujols' contract negotiations, but that's not good enough for Joe Strauss, who trots out every conjecture and innuendo in Friday's Post-Dispatch. So consider this a broadside against VEB's favorite columnist in response.

Trever Miller: Marathoner & Father


Y2S linked to this in the main post but if I'm going to sniffle through it, I'm going to make sure everyone else does as well. It's really a tremendous life story that Miller has to share. (Comments are closed on this post.)

Alex Fritz's Super Bowl Recipes


This SB Nation St. Louis missive has nothing to do with baseball, but I think Viva El Birdos has a general interest in judging Alex Fritz's culinary prowess. (Especially our own Fritz Sucks!)

Enter the Thundersnow! Chat here about your weather survival tales for the next couple of days. Or...


Enter the Thundersnow! Chat here about your weather survival tales for the next couple of days. Or just point and laugh. (If Tina Turner is NSFW, quit your job.) Short url:

6 part Lane Berkman Interview on Local Houston Radio


Berkman is and has been a great interview. He stopped by 1560 in Houston for an extended interview.

A Must See: Brian Wilson finally goes off the wall bonkers


perhaps the most entertaining guest on a talk show I've seen in quite some time

Cards sign Nick Punto


Cards sign Punto for 1 year 750,000 deal. Not the news I wanted to hear.

Why Matt Carpenter is not in BA's top 10 for Cards


But why was Carpenter on most lists but not on Baseball America's? Because the industry says so, said BA co-editor John Manuel, who emphasized that the magazine relies on input from opposing scouts, front office executives and coaches.

A brief Winter Warm-Up demography


My weekly post at St. Louis Magazine's SLM Daily blog concerns the Winter Warm-Up, which I was unable to attend this year, as a concept. It's also a chance to mention the Harry Potter series in an entirely new market!