Wainwright has a below average fastball


It's his slider and curve that have led to his success this season, according to Dave Allen over at Fangraphs.

Tonight's win is #900 for the decade of the 2000s


Tonight's win is #900 for the decade of the 2000s

iGoogle MLB Standings


If you have Google as your homepage, this is the best standings tracker available... because you can make it show only the races you want to see, and weight it for the teams you're actually watching. Yeah, Google is watching you, but I like this plug-in that much. Just click "edit settings" from the top-right arrow, then check boxes you want to see, and rank the teams so your favorites float to the top. Includes Wild Card races, live links to Gameday, probable pitchers, and starting in September... the option to view the Magic Number.

Living History


Albert Pujols. MP4 (Quicktime). Original site: Beyond Baseball.

Fans Scouting Report


Offday extra. Tom Tango delves into his annual effort to compile our eyeballs on individual players defensive efforts. Obviously, as Cardinals fans, you're most likely to fill out a ballot on Cardinals' players but if you watch a lot of another team, you aren't limited to one ballot.

Pujols is awesome


At Beyond the Boxscore, Justin put together an awesome piece looking at the best first baseman of all time. Pujols is already 10th, and is on pace to be the best ever. And that doesn't even consider the change in league quality.

Disco Hayes is my favorite pitcher


OK, OK. I know he's not in the Cards' system, but check this guy out. Here's his blog talking about bad luck and BABIP. He's the new Brian Bannister, but with even junkier stuff. They call him disco 'cause he throws in the 70s...mph that is. Crazy submariner reliever in AAA Omaha. Check out his peripherals. Let's get on the disco bandwagon.

Duncan dissatisfied with the organization


Strauss's article detailing Dunc the Elder's feeling towards his future, the St. Louis media, the treatment and health of Chris Duncan, his professional relationship with La Russa, and his dissaproval of the direction of the front office.

Rumor is Das Puppykicker looks here he is in Drag!


Rumor is Das Puppykicker looks here he is in Drag!

Afternoon Discussion Thread


Meanwhile, just outside of Smoltzville, Kyle Lohse and Todd Wellemeyer prepare for rehab starts. I'm told there can be only one.