Cards Crumble


BP's analysis of the Cardinals' downfall. Behind the firewall; well worth a read for subscribers. Money quote: "It should not be all that surprising that a team with so much working against it has struggled so much recently. What should be surprising is that they managed to look like a legitimate contender for half of the season."

Jason LaRue Confirms That His Career is Over


Strauss. d-dee's analysis of the melee. Keep the comment section respectful. The situation is ugly enough.

9/18/2010 Game 147 Open Thread - Video: Yadier Molina = Awesome


Not to mention the broken Commandment. ....okay, fine, do you guys want to turn this into a game thread? I mean, it's Young v. Suppan.



In a shocking twist, it turns out that pitching in Safeco is a lot easier than pitching in Yankees Stadium. Shocking, shocking news. Anyway, this effectively puts a damper on the "Felix is the clear Cy this year argument". Lol at FanGraphs.

St. Louis Cardinals Release 2011 Schedule


The return of the March 31 game. Pre-baron discussion can go here, if necessary, because it is clear to me that that last game thread was posted over an Indian burial ground.

Touch Every Base, Albert: September 15, 2000


Once upon a time, the Memphis Redbirds played Game Four for the PCL Championship. Then at the bottom of the 13th inning, #6 Albert Pujols came to the plate.

Sporcle Quiz - Cards by WAR


Since I am bored and there is no main post... If this is not fanshot material then by all means delete it. Just thought others might find this interesting. There are a few surprises and some astonishing numbers in there.

Memphis Hosting Entire PCL Finals


The AAA Redbirds will be hosting all of the games in the PCL Championship Series against the Tacoma Rainiers, the Mariners AAA team. The series begins Tuesday.

Springfield vs NW Arkansas Game 3

Gameday Audio The series is tied. More MiLB stuff in comments... I hope.