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Why, I'm old enough to remember when Albert Pujols wanted $200 million

Just in case you were wondering about upgrading through free agency.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

I'm short on time this morning, so here's a stand-in thread until I'm no longer short on time this afternoon. Discussion topic: Robinson Cano is an outstanding player. If you try to pay no more attention to the New York Yankees than is necessary, he might even be a better player than you think; he's been incredibly durable his entire career, and in his current run of four consecutive All-Star appearances he's got an OPS+ of 142. 45.3 rWAR through age 30 is pretty great.

He also wants $300 million over 10 years (in American dollars), if you believe this week's slightly premature contract rumors. This is so much money that people don't think the Yankees will pay it, which kind of makes me wonder who they think will.

Robinson Cano is a second baseman going into his 30s and not the moral center of the team's universe like Albert Pujols was, so if that's a real demand and not just a you-wouldn't-punch-a-crazy-guy contract gambit I expect the Yankees will happily allow him to negotiate with Real Madrid or Marissa Mayer for it. But it makes me wonder where 2014's contracts will be—are we going into another potentially dangerous free agent bubble, or is Robinson Cano just trying to get hilarious footage of Brian Cashman for his reboot of Punk'd?