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Another thing St. Louis Cardinals fans can blame on Matt Holliday

The St. Louis Cardinals' lineup was almost homegrown on Wednesday, but Matt Holliday went and ruined it again.

I'm not mad, I'm just... disappointed.
I'm not mad, I'm just... disappointed.

Sure, he might have hit a really weird home run to give them the lead on Tuesday. And sure, he might be one of the most strangely affordable free agent pickups in recent baseball memory. But the St. Louis Cardinals almost did something really cool on Wednesday, and Matt Holliday--noted unclutch superstar and angry-fan flashpoint--had to ruin it. I'll leave it to Twitter to explain how, since I don't (yet) have the ability in SB Nation United to pipe a pissed-off talk radio listener directly into a post.

That's right: With Matt Adams moving into the lineup in Carlos Beltran's place, and David Freese out with a back injury, the Cardinals were one Matt Holliday away from having a totally homegrown lineup. And it wasn't a fluke: Pete Kozma may not be a real major league shortstop, but the Cardinals are convinced he is. This probably excites Houston Astros fans even more than Cardinals fans, since they're still waiting for the first Jeff Luhnow payoff, but it's still a neat piece of trivia and a testament to the Cardinals' remarkable ability to draft and develop league-average players.

Or at least, it would be all those things. Thanks for nothing, Matt Holliday.