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Yes, those Jurickson Profar-Oscar Taveras trade rumors are still extremely premature

Jurickson Profar plays the same position as Elvis Andrus, but the Texas Rangers probably aren't itching to trade him this instant.


This is, admittedly, how it would play out in my Baseball Mogul game, if I ever played as the Texas Rangers: I would sign one of Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar to a long-term contract, and then I would immediately—the same game-day—trade the other one to a computer-controlled team for whichever awesome prospect I've been coveting and $10 million or so. If the Baseball Mogul Times ran a trade rumor column, they'd be dead on.

But I think we're still a little early, in the wake of Elvis Andrus's mega-contract, to be talking about the Rangers making any trade for Profar, let alone joining the St. Louis Cardinals in executing everybody's favorite super-prospect challenge trade for Oscar Taveras. Which did not, admittedly, stop Jim Bowden from asking an incredibly meaningless question of John Mozeliak:

Profar is the consensus No. 1 prospect in baseball; he hit .282/.368/.452 last year as a 19-year-old in AA Frisco of the Texas League. He plays the same position as Elvis Andrus, but he can also play the same position as Ian Kinsler, if the Rangers are interested, or even Adrian Beltre. He's going to be 20 all year, and has never set foot in AAA.

It's a higher-stakes version of the Matt Adams story (which we talked too much about right here, in the wake of the Allen Craig contract)—the Rangers might have to trade Jurickson Profar eventually, but that doesn't mean they have to start planning it now. Lots of relevant things are going to happen between us thinking about Jurickson Profar being traded and the Rangers actually trading Jurickson Profar.