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David Freese and the St. Louis Cardinals' small-p perfect game

The St. Louis Cardinals have never had a Perfect Game, but they had a perfect game back in 2011.

MLB 2K13 proudly announces the return of the Perfect Game Challenge. Pitch a perfect game for your favorite team and you could win some serious money, including a top prize of $250,000. Go to for details.

No St. Louis Cardinals pitcher has ever thrown a Perfect Game. (You may know this fact already, thanks to a careful perusal of The Ultimate Cardinals Record Book! Or something else.) Paul "not even a little daffy" Dean came closest, walking one batter in his 36th career game.

Which keeps this sponsored post necessarily off topic. If you throw a Perfect Game with Adam Wainwright or Shelby Miller or (hot tip) Pete Kozma, it will be the Cardinals' first capital-letters Perfect Game.

But if you're looking for a perfect game in the small-c catholic sense, the Cardinals can oblige: David Freese, Game 6, 2011 World Series.

It's not perfect in the big-P sense because David Freese made some mistakes—some mistakes that would have made his game bad-memorable if the last couple of innings had gone differently. He made three outs—in six chances, compared to Daffy's 27 in 28—and an incredibly goofy error.

But it's perfect because that's exactly how the movie would go. David Freese should make that error. And then he should just barely sneak that triple over Nelson Cruz's glove. And then this: