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Fantasy baseball 2013: Carlos Beltran injury makes room for Oscar Taveras, kind of

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Carlos Beltran might begin the 2013 season on the disabled list, but that doesn't mean Oscar Taveras will begin the 2013 season with the Cardinals.


Carlos Beltran injuries aren't a new phenomenon, but for some reason it still surprised me to hear that the St. Louis Cardinals are preparing for the possibility he'll begin the season on the 15-day disabled list. (Specifically: They're keeping him on the minor league fields, so that backdating his toe-related DL stint is a possibility.) Unless you own Carlos Beltran, the fantasy baseball question is whether it's time to pick up Oscar Taveras, and then tell all your fantasy-novice friends how cool you are for picking up Oscar Taveras.

The possibility exists, but I'm skeptical, so long as they're worrying about the start date of Beltran's possible 15 days. Pulling Taveras up from the minors (developmentally) seems unhelpful and (cynically) starts his arbitration clock earlier than the Cardinals have to. Even then I could imagine them doing it, except that they just released Ronny Cedeno to make sure Matt Adams would fit on the major league roster.

So they already have a young hitter to whom those starts are promised, with Allen Craig spending Opening Day in right field. Things could change if Beltran's injury lingers, but increments of 15 days seem like an insufficient dawn for the Oscar Taveras Millennium. So by all means: Tell your novice fantasy baseball friends how great you are for picking up Oscar Taveras. Just don't expect to take advantage of that for a while.

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