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St. Louis Cardinals' Joe Kelly-Shelby Miller rotation competition continues, somehow

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Shelby Miller and Joe Kelly are competing for the fifth spot in the rotation, but the competition refuses to end.


Last time the St. Louis Cardinals were about to choose between Joe Kelly and Shelby Miller, Joe Kelly looked great and Shelby Miller had a hiccup. On Tuesday Miller looked great and Kelly etc. etc.—Miller struck out three and walked one in four scoreless innings, while Kelly allowed four runs on eight hits in three true-outcomeless innings. One other thing those two games had in common: After each one, Joe Kelly was Joe Kelly and Shelby Miller was Shelby Miller.

It's good to see Shelby Miller pitch well. It's good to see Joe Kelly hit well, for that matter—he was 2-2 with a run scored and an RBI. But what are the Cardinals going to learn from four more innings from each of them, except that Joe Kelly looks more athletic as a hitter and baserunner, which is nice.

Which is not to say I can get mad about it; I have no rational reason to be. The Cardinals, after all, are the ones in the position to judge whether it will Mess With Their Heads (in the Jaime Garcia fashion, I guess) to not know where they'll be in two weeks. I'm just confused by it, is all, Wigginton-signing-style. I don't know what they're hoping to see.