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Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic score: In World Baseball Classic final, DR jumps to early two-run lead

Puerto Rico falls behind by a 2-0 score in the opening innings of the 2013 World Baseball Classic championship game, but there's plenty of baseball to play.


The Dominican Republic jumped on Puerto Rico starter Giancarlo Alvarado for two runs in the first inning of the 2013 World Baseball Classic championship—an Edwin Encarnacion double made the difference—and after three innings that's where the score sits. DR starter Samuel Deduno struck out four batters and allowed two hits in his first three innings of work; he got out of the fourth despite a leadoff walk from Carlos Beltran after getting Yadier Molina to ground into a double play.

Puerto Rico scored just 23 runs through its first eight games—that's 10 fewer than the Dominican—so they could have some trouble catching up. As good as Beltran and Molina are, the Dominican's lineup is pretty intimidating; the two baserunners Encarnacion drove in were Jose Reyes and Robinson Cano. (They'll send Encarnacion, Hanley Ramirez, and Nelson Cruz out to face Hiram Burgos in the fourth inning.)

For more World Baseball Classic score updates, stay tuned to this storystream, which is officially—based on our unincorporated-territory-based nationalism and the presence of the Cardinals' two remaining Spring Training holdouts—a Puerto Rico zone.

[UPDATE: The Dominican Republic held onto their shutout, beating Puerto Rico. Click through for our update on the 2013 WBC Championship.]