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St. Louis Cardinals place 8, from Oscar Taveras to Tyrell Jenkins, in John Sickels' Top 150 prospects list

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John Sickels's Top 150 prospect list has eight of the St. Louis Cardinals' much-admired farm system products on it.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

There's little reason to be surprised by the St. Louis Cardinals' top prospect list success, at this point, but each new showing is reason enough, if nothing else, to get really excited about said prospects. John Sickels, SB Nation's in-house prospect expert, came out with his Top 150 list on Wednesday, and the Cardinals placed eight players on it, including a guy who's fallen out of most Top 100 lists after a strong showing last year. You should read the entire list, complete with his comments, but here's how the Cardinals finished:

Rank Player ETA
2. Oscar Taveras 2013
6. Shelby Miller 2013
20. Carlos Martinez 2014
27. Trevor Rosenthal 2013
34. Michael Wacha 2014
85. Kolten Wong 2014
134. Matt Adams 2013
143. Tyrell Jenkins 2016

Hey, Tyrell Jenkins! It took 50 extra prospects to get him on the list, but he's still around, one of relatively few prospects on the list with a 2016 ETA. Note, also, the aggressive rankings for Carlos Martinez, who's fallen in other lists, and Trevor Rosenthal, a Sickels favorite from the beginning.

In case you need still more prospect nourishment, compare and contrast this list with the Top 100 Baseball America released last month. (Here's the Cardinals prospect summary, complete with their place on last year's list.) And as always, I'd be remiss if I didn't close a Mad Em-Dash about prospects with a link to Future Redbirds, where prospects are life and life is rhythm.