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St. Louis Cardinals Weekend Update: Ballpark Village is in the best shape of its life

In our weekly recap of Viva El Birdos's weekend activities: Ballpark Village, Scott Rolen, and the run-up to pitchers and catchers reporting.

Dilip Vishwanat

St. Louis Cardinals news doesn't care whether it's the weekend or not, especially when there isn't any of it anyway. With that in mind, it's time for our weekly public service: here's what you missed at Viva El Birdos over the weekend, if you missed the weekend.

VEB Daily

Which 2013 St. Louis Cardinals will be in the best shape of their lives?
On Friday I solicited predictions for this year's Best and Worst Shape of His Life candidates. My picks: Adam Wainwright and Mexico's World Baseball Classic delegation, apparently.

The St. Louis Cardinals' Ballpark Village is nearly under construction. Do you care?
On Saturday, I solicited opinions about Ballpark Village, recently upgraded to Kind Of Under Construction almost from Almost Under Construction Kind Of. And I realized, spontaneously, that I'm really just jealous of Tokyo Dome City.

Five Reasons to Watch Spring Training
And on Sunday, azruavatar gave us some reasons to keep up with Spring Training. These will be good to remember after the Pitchers-and-Catchers glow wears off and you realize we're still a month-and-a-half from regular-season baseball.

VEB Extra

Future Redbirds: St. Louis Cardinals' Oscar Taveras switches agents
Future Redbirds took a look at Oscar Taveras's new agent, because it's never too early to freak out about the 10-year, $250 million contract the Cardinals are going to have to offer him after his rookie season.

Scott Rolen-Los Angeles Dodgers rumors heat up with retirement off the front burner
Meanwhile, on Mad Em-Dashes: It looks like Scott Rolen's career—prejudged for years—will be not-over for another season in 2014.

VEB Monitor: Unidentified Lou Brock, Ronny Cedeno, and more
And I realize this is a little meta, for an internal link-post, but I'm soft-launching a different link-post series showcasing Cardinals news and stories of interest from outside the site. Here's volume one, with posts about Lou Brock, Ronny Cedeno, and other people who don't have anything much in common.


The Golden Era of Baseball, Part 1
Over the weekend ridgesee posted a massive FanPost about—well, industrial-league baseball in the 1940s South, and becoming a Cardinals fan, and playing alley ball during World War II. If you haven't done any of those things, it's definitely worth a read.

The Second Base Conundrum
And blindmouse deserves some applause for the lede to this post about the Cardinals' ersatz second base solutions: "I was a junior in high school when I realized how much I hated Fernando Vina."