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Super Bowl commercials: Baby clydesdale fans campaigned to name "Musial" stars in Budweiser ad

The young clydesdale St. Louis Cardinals fans on Twitter campaigned to name after Stan Musial starred in Budweiser's most popular Super Bowl commercial for 2013.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

2013's Super Bowl commercials have been—by all accounts—drowned out in the tweets following the Superdome power outage, but Budweiser's new clydesdale commercial briefly got Twitter thinking about advertising again. The verdict: Super Bowl parties everywhere got a little dusty. The local connection: The baby clydesdale Budweiser wants viewers to name is the very same one St. Louis Cardinals fans on Twitter have been looking to name after the late Stan Musial.

Here's the video, if you didn't see it. Is it emotionally exploitive? Baldly. Do I care about horses, or beer, or horse-trainers? Not especially. I'm not even a huge fan of large dogs, though the little one is pretty cute. But this is about as good as emotional exploitation gets—in the fine old-movie sense—so I can't really complain. If you're partial to naming the horse after Stan the Man you're apparently hereby requested to use the hashtag "#Clydesdales," though I think there's going to be trouble if Cardinals fans are unable to decide whether they're pulling for the name "Stan" or "Musial."

St. Louis definitely has a head-start in the naming sweepstakes. But if the last hour of tweets are any indication, they'll probably have to name it Bane anyway.