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Cardinals vs. Red Sox: Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright try to look excited about gold gloves

This was maybe a bad time to announce the Gold Gloves.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

At some point a couple of weeks to 50 years from now, Yadier Molina will probably look at his six Gold Gloves—at least—and smile to himself, and tell stories to his grandchildren, etc. Adam Wainwright—well, I don't know how pitchers feel about the pitching Gold Gloves. If you don't strike too many people out and are almost winning a lot of Cy Youngs it seems like you start getting them instead, eventually.

They deserve them! In fact, there are lots of deserving guys on the list—basically everybody with incredibly gaudy fielding numbers, the Andrelton Simmonses and Carlos Gomezes Gerardo Parras, got one too. (And Dustin Pedroia, whose defense we've borne special witness to this week.)

Molina's great, and Adam Wainwright's certainly fine, and—most importantly—the Cardinals don't have anyone we could reasonably describe as being screwed over by the process. But having them come up on the off-day before a World Series elimination game is an outstanding reminder that these things only exist because most of the time there isn't any baseball left to watch in late October.