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Allen Craig injury: St. Louis Cardinals slugger will return for the World Series—position TBD

The St. Louis Cardinals' offense gets a boost, and their defense gets an additional question mark.

Allen Craig rehabbing with Yadier Molina back in September.
Allen Craig rehabbing with Yadier Molina back in September.
Dilip Vishwanat

The good news is that Allen Craig will be one of the most overqualified National League DHs in recent World Series memory when the St. Louis Cardinals add him to their roster for this week’s trip up to Boston. The theoretically bad news: His position in the field is even more in question than usual.

I say theoretically bad because the Cardinals have won two postseason series in a row without so much as a pinch-hit appearance from Craig; just having him around to replace Adron Chambers off the bench at Busch is more than I think most of us were expecting as his rehab drifted further into the postseason.

It took an unexpectedly serious foot injury to do it, but the Cardinals have basically found themselves in the same place the Red Sox annually find themselves with David Ortiz: wondering whether it’s worth the risk to health and defense to get to full power on offense.