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St. Louis Cardinals Weekend Update: The payroll goes up, Ronny Cedeno gets a job, and more

What you missed, Cardinals-wise, if you do actual weekend things over the weekend.

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It's time, again, for our not-quite-weekly look at what you missed at Viva El Birdos if you're not a weekend visitor. Spoiler alert: A lot of it was the run-up to the Ronny Cedeno signing. But not all of it! (Programming note: You can see all of our Ronny Cedeno coverage at this storystream, which is maybe not my most enticing come-on.)

Where will Matt Holliday end up among the St. Louis Cardinals' all-time greats?
On Friday I tried to figure out the weird space Matt Holliday could end up occupying among the Cardinals' all-time heroes. Things are getting pretty crowded at the bowling museum.

How high will the St. Louis Cardinals' payroll go in 2013 and beyond?
On Saturday I braved Google Docs to write about the Cardinals' payroll after Bill DeWitt conceded that it'll be going up in the near-term. As it turns out, it's going up already.

Prospects and ZiPS
And on Sunday, azruavatar had a really great post about the Cardinals' process and their ZiPS projections that I'm not going to try to summarize.

Finally, two off-site links of interest:

RetroSimba: "I’m here to see Stan Musial, not Joe DiMaggio"
I've jealously read a bunch of Stan Musial encounter stories over the last few days, and here's another one. Follow retrosimba as he follows Stan Musial over a golf course and gets an earful from some other baseball player.

The 2013 United Cardinal Bloggers Annual
The United Cardinals Bloggers did an ebook this year, featuring contributions from across the Cardinal internet. I haven't read it yet, because the thought of navigating to it on my first-gen Kindle fills me with dread, but I'm looking forward to it.