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A new trailer for Jackie Robinson-Branch Rickey biopic 42 (feat. Harrison Ford as inventor of the farm system)

Branch Rickey features in yet another movie that isn't about his methodical creation of the St. Louis Cardinals' farm system.


I'm excited to watch a movie that features Branch Rickey, and I can't deny that Jackie Robinson entering Major League Baseball is a little more personally compelling than the rest of Rickey's career. But I can't help but get a little jealous whenever I remember that outside Missouri the architect of the St. Louis Cardinals' decades of success will always be more closely associated with the Dodgers of the 40s.

I guess Harrison Ford would be too old to play him scouting Pepper Martin anyway. In any case: Watch this trailer for 42 (via BTF) while I continue outlining my road-comedy screenplay about Branch Rickey and a young Dizzy Dean driving an old jalopy into small towns, hunting for undiscovered prospects and getting into mischief. (INT. THE COUNTY JAIL. OL' DIZ IS TRYING TO BAKE A CAKE WITH A FILE IN IT.)

It comes out on April 12, and it looks pretty good, especially since they couldn't get Jackie Robinson to play himself again. I'll almost certainly go watch it as soon as—well, realistically, as soon as it shows up on Netflix, which is more my fault than the movie's. But ending the trailer with Jay-Z comparing himself to Jackie Robinson was probably a little on the nose.