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St. Louis Cardinals links: Michael Wacha, a boring offseason, and Shelby Miller relief

The St. Louis Cardinals' biggest news slipped through VEB Monitor's clutches this week. But that doesn't mean we can't talk about Michael Wacha and Taiwanese home run champions.

This genial-looking photo day participant is Michael Wacha.
This genial-looking photo day participant is Michael Wacha.

The biggest St. Louis Cardinals news this week came and went between VEB Monitors, which really did a number on our link-dumping abilities; by the time I had a chance to collate Shelby Miller injury stories, Shelby Miller was not injured. Such is life. In the meantime: Some links about Taiwanese sluggers (one of whom is a shortstop, kind of!) and

(If you have a link you think would be of interest to VEB readers—yours or someone else's—and you're not selling anything, feel free to send me an e-mail. If you're a VEB regular who thinks collating a semi-regular link-dump sounds like a good time, also feel free to send me an e-mail.)

Baseball Nation: Dylan Bundy, TINSTAAPP, and rational exuberance
Rob Neyer talks realistic expectations for pitching prospects, just in time for us to think some more about Shelby Miller's shoulder's day off.

FanGraphs: Ngayaw Ake and Three Sluggers from Team Chinese Taipei
Well, yes, I do want to hear about the best sluggers in Taiwan. Warning: Ngayaw Ake is the next bat-flipping, power-hitting utility infielder I will just-kidding-but-seriously suggest the Cardinals pursue.

Also, given their respective baseball fortunes, I think Taiwan should insist Team China calls itself "Chinese Mainland China" for the duration of the World Baseball Classic. Michael Wacha creating plenty of buzz
Michael Wacha is a just-about-perfect Spring Training phenom candidate; he was outstanding last year in a small sample size, he's close to the majors, and there are three other young pitchers we should probably be talking about first.

Baseball Nation: 47 55 moves that I [Grant Brisbee] can't bring myself to care about
Included: Pretty much the whole Cardinals offseason. Which might also apply if that I were Viva El Birdos in aggregate.