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VEB Monitor

The latest news, rumors, and randomness about the St. Louis Cardinals.

VEB Monitor: Joe Kelly, WBC Brawls, and Jose Abreu

In Wednesday's VEB Monitor: We approach a denouement in the St. Louis Cardinals' rotation competition, and yet another professional baseball-playing adult gets into a fight over perceived respect issues.

VEB Monitor: Matheny's collision decision

This week in St. Louis Cardinals links: Jason Motte engages Lee Smith in a low-speed chase and Mike Matheny looks to change baseball's rules.

Weekend Update: Spring, but no shortstop

In case you missed it: Over the weekend we talked about the start of the St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training schedule, and the fact that Rafael Furcal the shortstop happened to miss it.

VEB Monitor: Wacha, Wacha, Ngayaw Ake

The St. Louis Cardinals' biggest news slipped through VEB Monitor's clutches this week. But that doesn't mean we can't talk about Michael Wacha and Taiwanese home run champions.

VEB Monitor: Colby Fantasy VII

This week's St. Louis Cardinals links are secretly Toronto Blue Jays links, which makes this a totally normal VEB Monitor.

VEB Weekend Update: Spring, fanposts have sprung

Our weekly look at the St. Louis Cardinals news and analysis (and fanposts!) you missed if you only check Viva El Birdos during the week.

VEB Monitor: Spring links and Memphis blues

Sam Freeman has a new pitch, and the Memphis Redbirds' old new stadium is in prolonged financial trouble on Friday's VEB Monitor.

VEB Monitor: Bourn beats Lohse to the Indians

On Wednesday's VEB Monitor: Michael Bourn navigates the qualifying offer waters by signing with the Cleveland Indians, leaving Kyle Lohse by his lonesome.

VEB Monitor: The thin Lance Lynn

In Friday's VEB Monitor: Lance Lynn!?

VEB Monitor: Freese comes out as anti-momentum

Wednesday's guide to St. Louis Cardinals articles around the internet.

VEB Monitor: Ronny Cedeno, Lou Brock, and more

In Saturday's VEB Monitor, Ronny Cedeno's value is diminished now that he won't be able to hit .300 against the St. Louis Cardinals.