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Link: Carson Kelly Interview

The Oregonian talks with Carson Kelly.

I'm a touch behind in posting this interview but JD Hamburg of the The Oregonian caught up with one time University of Oregon committed athlete Carson Kelly. It's a long and wide ranging interview. He's converted his family to Cardinals' fans from the Chicago Cubs (Enjoy winning, Kelly family. Clearly, it's been a long time since you experienced that.)

When you were drafted by the Cardinals, it was reported that your dad and much of his family are Cubs fans. Have they come around yet?

Kelly: They are all really proud that I am a Cardinal and have been very happy and impressed with the organization and community support in Cardinal Nation. A few are making temporary exceptions, but the majority of them have turned my way. I know they still have their Cubs stuff boxed up in the closet, but they are wearing a lot of Cardinals red these days. I have family in both St. Louis and Chicago who come see me in Peoria on the weekends, and it's always interesting to see what they'll wear to the game.

Kelly also talks about the Cardinals Way in various contexts.

Who has been the biggest help when it comes to improving your game?

Kelly: Not any one person, but the whole Cardinals system. We learn the Cardinal Way as players; it's a system, a way of going about things. Going into camp, I came out each day with something new to work on. All the coaches were very supportive and have helped me bring my game to a new level.

There's much more to be found here at the full interview.