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Spring Farm Report - 3/19/13

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A daily recap of the minor league players in the Cardinals' system.

He looks fast.
He looks fast.

Tommy Pham reminds you why he's still around after all these years. A plethora of mid-tier pitching prospects appear. I've found a new meme for the year and I realize that I'm a decade older than some of the Cardinals prospects. [/weeping]

Memphis 5, New Orleans 1

  • Richard Castillo pitched 3 innings and struck out 3. He allowed 2 hits and 1 walk.
  • Nick Greenwood struck out 3 in 2 innings of work allowing 1 hit. Greenwood was acquired in 2010 as part of a three way deal between the Padres, Indians and Cardinals that also brought Jake Westbrook to St. Louis.
  • Keith Butler struck out 2 in 2 innings. He allowed 1 ER on 2 hits. Butler looks slated for Memphis after a strong 2012 in Springfield. He's been good enough to project as a reliever thus far but a small uptick in control could really improve his stock. He's also the kind of pitcher that can get lost in the shuffle among other less effective but "known" quantities. I'd be surprised to see him in the majors before September this year and, more realistically, I think he gets a callup sometime in 2014.
  • Eric Fornataro struck out 3 in 2 innings allowing 1 hit.
  • Colin Walsh was 2-for-5.
  • Tommy Pham was 2-for-5 with a home run.
  • Chris Edmondson was 2-for-3.
  • Jamie Romak was 1-for-3 with a pair of walks.

Springfield 5, Jacksonville 5

Palm Beach 1, Jupiter 7

  • Dail Villanueva allowed 2 runs in 3 innings. He struck out 2 but walked 1 and allowed 4 hits.
  • Lee Stoppelman was uncharacteristically hittable allowing 4 hits in 2 innings. Jupiter tagged him with 3 runs. Stoppelman walked 1 and struck out 2.
  • Carson Kelly was 2-for-3 with a double.
  • Ildemaro Vargas was 2-for-3.

Peoria First Team 2, Greensboro 5

Peoria Second Team 0, Marlins Fifth Team 1

  • Hansel De Los Santos pitched 3 innings allowing 2 hits and walk. He struck out 1. No word on Gretel's whereabouts.
  • Mitch Harris struck out 3 in 2 innings. He allowed 1 run on 1 walk and 2 hits. One has to wonder where Harris starts given his age. There's little in the way of mileage on his arm but he's no spring chicken. His Navy service creates such a unique situation that really skews the ideas of age and level of competition. If he starts in Peoria, he could easily be a full a decade older than some of his teammates.
  • Sam Tuivailala pitched an inning allowing 1 hit, 1 walk and 1 run. He struck out 1. (This inning occurred after the official "conclusion" of the game and is a good reminder that funny things happen in the minor league spring training games.)
  • Peoria recorded just 1 hit by Johan Acevedo.

Stats courtesy of the Cardinals minor league staff and Farm Director. Any editorializing is the author's.