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Fangraphs Top 15 Cardinal Prospects

It's that time of year. Fangraphs releases their top 15 prospect list.

Dilip Vishwanat

Here's the link to Marc Hulet's writeup on the Cardinals farm system. It won't take long to make your eyes bug out. A few quick comments to start the conversation

#2 Michael Wacha - This is, to put it lightly, a batshit insane place to put Wacha. Or an incredibly prescient one. I'm going to go with batshit insane. It's not that Wacha isn't a good prospect but this looks like someone found a shiny new toy and forgot about how incredibly awesome the old toys (Shelby Miller, Trevor Rosenthal) are. I'd be willing to consider a ranking that has Wacha above Carlos Martinez -- especially for those who see Martinez in the bullpen -- but Trevor Rosenthal was busy touching 101mph in the big leagues while Wacha was facing AA batters. This just feels like a terrible ranking to me but the notes about Wacha are great.

#7 Stephen Piscotty & #8 Carson Kelly - Again, I'm really struggling with this ranking in the relative sense with Matt Adams listed at #10. Even if you assume that Kelly and Piscotty have a higher ceiling than Adams, I don't think they have a compelling case for being more likely to reach that ceiling versus Adams. (I'd also have to think long and hard whether either has a higher ceiling than Adams.)

Wither Seth Maness? - While I'm not settled on where I'd put Seth Maness on a top prospects list, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him ranked inside my top 15 prospects.

The fall of Kolten Wong and Tyrell Jenkins - This is going to be a recurring theme through prospect lists this year. Expect to see Wong and Jenkins both down precipitously. Wong's 2012 was well below his 2011 numbers and showed scarily mediocre power (think Ryan Jackson levels). Jenkins is still very young and the transition from thrower to pitcher is going to take some time.

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