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Play the St. Louis Cardinals rotation graveyard-whistling home game

How many starts will each member of the St. Louis Cardinals' rotation end the season with?

It's called the beautiful game.
It's called the beautiful game.
Dilip Vishwanat

Other deadlines are keeping me from a full post this morning, so I'd like to take this opportunity to play a very simple and vaguely depressing St. Louis Cardinals game: How many starts will each member of the St. Louis Cardinals' pitching staff make this season?

So far we know that Jaime Garcia will make nine of them. That leaves 153 to go, of which 37 have already been taken by someone who is not Jaime Garcia.

Adam Wainwright 10
Shelby Miller 9
Jaime Garcia 9
Lance Lynn 9
Jake Westbrook 6
John Gast 2
Tyler Lyons 1

Yes: That's one pitcher away from the group that made every Cardinals start in 2004. Meanwhile, the 2013 Cardinals are carrying Joe Kelly, Carlos Martinez, and Seth Maness, all of whom seem like a good bet to make at least one start this year. In reserve there's Chris Carpenter somehow, Michael Wacha, and Nick Additon, who's just waiting to become the other other left-handed rookie in the rotation.

Other potential concerns: Westbrook's health and which (if any) of the left-handers is most likely to take advantage of it, Shelby Miller's final inning total, and the possibility that Lance Lynn will have another rough summer just to screw with me.

My random guesses: A full season for Adam Wainwright, mostly because I'm not prepared for this season to take that particular turn; a mostly full season for Shelby Miller, who looks too in control, at his best, to trigger the inning-limit alarm bells; and a surprising amount of Carlos Martinez, because I'm still trying to figure out what they brought him up for in the first place.

Adam Wainwright 34
Lance Lynn 32
Shelby Miller 31
Jake Westbrook 21
Carlos Martinez 13
Jaime Garcia 9
John Gast 9
Joe Kelly 5
Tyler Lyons 4
Michael Wacha 3
Randy Flores 1