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With MLB rumors dried up, how much will Kyle Lohse cost?

The St. Louis Cardinals' marquee free agent is finding the market as inhospitable as it was... back when the St. Louis Cardinals first signed him.

Christian Petersen

I'm sure Kyle Lohse isn't worried about his increasingly quiet offseason, because very few free agents have as much experience surfing a wave of MLB rumors directly into a sandbar as Kyle Lohse. It's what brought him to the Cardinals in the first place; back in 2007 he was supposed to be a prime example of massive baseball salary inflation after an incredibly average 9-12 season, but the fusillade of indignant columns was turned back when he failed to sign anywhere until March, and for one season.

But he didn't worry. He dusted himself off, had the best season of his career, and got that exact inflated, indignation-firing mega-deal the instant before the economy made all his other suitors nervous.

Now, going into his age-34 season after a completely unexpected career year, Lohse was supposed to be the Ace of Spades in those same indignant sportswriters' Dodgers are Ruining Baseball deck. And he hasn't signed again. Grant Brisbee's Free-agent Matchmaker counterfactual is worth mentioning here, along with the still-extant rumors that the Dodgers (seriously) plan on signing him and adding to their list of major-league-quality starters they have to dump on somebody else.

But for now—after this most recent rumor lull, where do you think Kyle Lohse will sign? And for how much? Now's your chance to lock down your prediction inside a totally braggable comment.