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Birdos in Brief

Birdos in Brief: Why the Cardinals Should Keep Tyler O’Neill

The title pretty much says it all.

Here are some quick clips from around the St. Louis Cardinals organization

an open thread

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The Cardinals likely won't be participating in a Barbenheimer double feature

When asked the best way to watch Barbenheimer, the St. Louis Cardinals had varying opinions from not knowing what the reference even was to suggesting you watch all three Lord of the Rings movies instead. Jeff Jones again with the diligent reporting in this great Twitter thread (or whatever Twitter is now).

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Jack Flaherty scratched from Sunday's game due to hip tightness, per Jeff Jones

I am going to start this on a personal note. When I wrote the previews for this series I originally wrote everything guessing Matthew Liberatore would start Sunday. Then the Cardinals pushed up Jack Flaherty so I had to scramble to write some analysis for him instead. Turns out that was all for naught as he has been scratched from Sunday's game due to hip tightness. Brutal. The starter is TBA, but it would be Liberatore's turn in the rotation. I believe Miles Mikolas would also be available on full rest.

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Fangraphs unveils their St. Louis Cardinals top prospects list

Eric Longenhagen and Tess Taruskin have made it to the Cardinals in their top prospect series. No surprise here at who reigns at the top of the list. They include wonderful breakdowns of each prospect in this list -- it looks like a lot of time and care goes into crafting these. It is well-organized and easy to understand, while including all the relevant information a fan could want. Definitely check it out if you want to learn more about the Cardinals prospects!

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Nolan Gorman is crushing baseballs

Our old friend Ben Clemens has a really good piece at Fangraphs about St. Louis Cardinals infielder Nolan Gorman. Last season he struggled with high fastballs, but a bit of a change to his stance seems to have made that issue a thing of the past. As usual, it is super interesting and insightful work from Ben and I thought you all might want to check it out!

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Happy birthday to Jordan Walker!

The Cardinals top prospect turned 21 today -- hopefully there are some celebrations at the end of the season he will now be able to partake in if he wants!

Jordan Walker has a nine-game hit streak

and a club record!

Albert Pujols is fourth on the career home runs list and there is a t-shirt about it.

And you can buy it if you want.

Albert Pujols has hit his 700th career home run

what a dang season this has been


I haven’t recapped since Oct 2020. But my presence on the Masthead and access to the authoring tool remained. Let’s see for how much longer.

It’s Mother’s Day, so a big “Happy Birthday” to all you mothers out there!

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#banged again -- looks like the Cardinals game against the Royals will be postponed

I am not #online enough to know how the #banged phrase began, only enough to notice it is A Thing. Anyway, it looks like the game is going to be postponed, though I have yet to hear something officially. Keep your ears open.

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So uhhh… is Albert Pujols returning to the St. Louis Cardinals?

Did you all see that Will Smith thing at the Oscars? That was really weird right? It gave me really bad secondhand embarrassment and I’ve been having trouble sleeping. My mind has been racing all night. As it turns out, the universe had a plan. You see, if I had fallen peacefully asleep I would’ve missed John Denton of reporting that Albert Pujols has signed a one-year $2.5 million contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. You might recall that Pujols had spent 11 years with the Cardinals, winning two championships in 2006 and 2011 before signing a 10 year contract with the Los Angeles Angels and spent the last half of 2021 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Rumors have been swirling about a possible return to St. Louis for the former MVP, but honestly I didn’t think it would happen. I don’t think I am getting any sleep tonight.

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Ten years ago today David Freese sent the World Series to a Game 7

On a chilly night in October the St. Louis Cardinals faced elimination against Texas Rangers, twice down to their final strike of the game, twice tying the game. In the bottom of the ninth David Freese hit a game-saving triple to tie the game. In the bottom of the eleventh, he walked it off. I will never not post about it.

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FOCO launched a new Yadier Molina bobblehead!

On May 6 at 9:00 am CT, FOCO made its newest Yadier Molina bobblehead available for pre-order on their website. The bobblehead celebrates Molina's 2000th start and displays a seemingly very accurate depiction of the Cardinals long-time backstop as he salutes the crowd with the Arch in the background. The price on the site is $50 and they will only be selling 204. I have not yet personally reviewed this bobblehead so I cannot say from experience how this specific one looks, but in the past the FOCO bobbles I have received were of fantastic quality and accuracy. I have one of Ozzie Smith doing a backflip on my desk at work that people always compliment me on. (Just as a note, neither VEB nor I earn any money from this, I just personally like bobbleheads and thought some Cardinals fans might be interested in this as it is a limited edition and it is Yadi.)

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Cubs charter flight scheduled to leave St. Louis

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The Cardinals are going to the NLCS!

Wow - what a series! The Cardinals held off elimination to force a deciding game five where they put up ten runs in the top of the first inning. The rest was smooth sailing from there. A full recap is on its way soon, but feel free to woo here in the meantime! The Dodgers and Nationals square off for game five of their NLDS. If the Nationals win, the Cardinals will have home field advantage. And as always, congrats to the Braves on a great season and a hard-fought series.

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Thank you, Rockies!

The Cardinals lost a tough one to the Cubs, but the Rockies rallied to walk off the Brewers 3-2. The Cardinals still cling to a one-game lead in the National League Central heading into the final game of the season. This is fine.

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Carlos Martínez does not have the flu!

After some speculation as to what ailment caused the breathing difficulties Cardinals closer Carlos Martínez had been experiencing, the St. Louis Post Dispatch has delivered a definitive answer: It is allergies. Anyone in St. Louis right now can attest that the air quality can get pretty rough. It also turns out Martínez has asthma, which he was previoulsy unaware of having. This is ultimately good news for Martínez and the Cardinals as both allergies and asthma are common and pretty easily treatable. Martínez has already been cleared to play.

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Pour one out for Chris Duncan, a player that gave it his all

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must report to you that Chris Duncan, former Cardinals outfielder, broadcaster, and son of former Cardinals pitching coach, Dave Duncan, has passed away at the age of 38 after a lengthy battle with glioblastoma, an extremely aggressive cancer that begins in the brain. Duncan was the Cardinals Team Rookie of the Year in 2006, a World Series Champion, a radio host, a son, a husband, and a fighter. Though it was cancer that ultimately overcame him, to say he lost his battle with it seems misguided. Like he did so often as a player, he fought. That was something fans always loved and appreciated about him. It is something we can still love and appreciate. Chris Duncan gave life his all. He will be missed.

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The Cardinals are playing doubleheaders like it is 1924

Due to intense rain, the Cardinals game against the Reds scheduled for Friday evening is postponed until Sunday at 6:05pm. It was to be the second game of a doubleheader with an earlier game scheduled at 12:05 pm. Those games will be the Cardinals third and fourth games in half as many days as the two teams were already scheduled to face off in a doubleheader on Saturday — game one at 12:15 pm and game two at 6:15 pm. It was not uncommon 95 years go for the Cardinals to participate in doubleheaders in consecutive days. Teams will be allowed to expand their rosters on Sunday, September 1.

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Tuesday night's game is postponed to Wednesday

As we suspected, the Cardinals have postponed tonight's game due to inclement weather. The game has been rescheduled to be the second game of a doubleheader on Wednesday starting at 6:45 pm.

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Matt Carpenter and the Cardinals just agreed to a little ole’ extension

The St. Louis Cardinals announced a mysterious press conference for today at 3:00pm. Since everyone is signing extensions nowadays, that seemed to be the popular guess as to the reason. Turns out we were right. At the press conference the Cardinals announced they have agreed to a contract extension with Matt Carpenter. The Cardinals drafted Carpenter back in 2009 and he has been with the team ever since, making his debut in 2011. In 2012 he got his first real taste in the big leagues as the Cardinals toughest bench bat. He broke out for real in 2013 and has not looked back. In eight seasons with the Birdos he has amassed 28.5 fWAR and put up a 132 wRC+. 2019 marks his age 33 season, keeping him a Cardinal until he is at least 35, hopefully 36 (because that would mean he has played well enough to trigger the vesting option).

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat: The Marcell Ozuna story

Your temporary morning thread!

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Cardinals acquire Paul Goldschmidt in four-player trade

We'll have more coverage of this blockbuster trade as the details unfold.

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The Cardinals and Adam Wainwright agree to a deal for 2019 - UPDATED

The specifics are unknown, though according to Saxon: "That Mozeliak quote makes it sound like it’s an incentive-laden deal." The 2019 season will mark his fifteenth season in the Majors, all of them being with the St. Louis Cardinals. We will keep you posted as more information is released! As of now, Adam Wainwright will be a Cardinal in 2019. UPDATE October 12: According to Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the contract with Waino is for one year at "an undisclosed low base salary, but two sources described how his new contract is rich in incentives". Goold also wrote that Wainwright will prepare for a starters role to start the 2019 season, but his contract is written to assure "he’ll be rewarded regardless of his role — which could be starter or reliever".

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Cardinals name Mike Shildt Manager (again)

The Cardinals have dropped the "interim" from Mike Shildt's title. Since Shildt took over the Cardinals have gone 26-12, but perhaps more importantly, the weird negative energy around the clubhouse seems to have disappeared (which came first, the winning or the positive vibes, it is tough to tell). Only forty-five days into his tenure, the timing of the move is a bit of a surprise, but the move itself was fairly expected. The organization appeared to be positioning Shildt for the role ever since he was implanted as the Quality Control Coach for the team in 2017. As Craig Edwards pointed out on Twitter "If they want him as the manager, and aren't going to be swayed by these next four weeks, then four weeks of bad play would make it look worse if they then decided to hire him.". Overall, a good move for the Cardinals, albeit not super exciting. Though I bet Shildt is happy, so congrats to him!

John Gant, King of Kings

An ode on the occasion of a momentous event

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Did the Cardinals defeat the Rockies?

Yes. Via walkoff, no less! My personal opinon: the linked tweet is incredible.

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Matt Carpenter now holds the Cardinals record for leadoff home runs

To leadoff the Cardinals game against the Rockies, Matt Carpenter went yard for the twenty-sixth time this season. It was his twenty-second time leading off a game with a home run, the most in Cardinals history. Someone named Lou Brock held the previous record of twenty-one.

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Cardinals trade Oscar Mercado to Cleveland for two young prospects

The Cardinals have traded their tenth ranked prospect according to to Cleveland in exchange for two young outfield prospects. Jhon Torres is eighteen-years-old and is in the low minors in his second year in the minor leagues. Conner Capel is twenty-one and playing on a low A team.


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