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Fanpost Tuesday: Baseball, Heroism, & Masculinity

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The New Pitch Pitchers

Three pitchers have new pitchers that could make a big difference in their performance

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Players I’m Excited to Watch in Spring Training

With spring starting, there are a few players I’ll be keeping a close eye on.

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Meet Me at Musial! (A Podcast Special)

J.P. joined Daniel Shoptaw on his podcast!

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The Latest

VEB Podcast: Spring Training is Here! (And so is Skyric!)

The writing team celebrates Skyric’s return & previews the Cardinals’ 2024 Spring Training.

Tuesday Open Thread

The day is yours

Leonardo Bernal is your #13 prospect. Vote here on the #14 prospect.

Finally a catcher lands on this list

How Major Projection Systems Feel About the Cardinals in 2024

ZIPS and PECOTA both project the Cardinals to win the NL Central this year.

Good Afternoon, Viva El Birdos!

Post some stuff.

Unpopular opinion: The Cardinals should have traded Paul Goldschmidt at last year’s deadline

Max Rajcic is your #12 prospect. Vote on the #13 prospect.

The Cardinals’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year takes the next spot on the list

St. Louis Cardinals Scores & Recaps

VEB Daily

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Hunt and Peck

Transaction Analysis

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

Kyle Gibson is the Key to Making the Rotation Work

Venn diagrams, expectations, and variance.

Birdos in Brief

Using Sinkers For Called Strikes

There’s more than one way for a pitcher to chase called strikes.

Won-Bin Cho is your #11 prospect. Vote on the 12th prospect.

Breaking Down Keynan Middleton

Keynan Middleton had a mini-breakout in 2023 following an overhaul of his pitch usage.

Saturday Open Thread

Chat Amongst Yourselves Today

We are looking for game recappers!

Ever watched a baseball game and thought "I want to write about this"? Have we got an opportunity for you!

What can Matt Carpenter bring to the table in 2024?

Sem Robberse is your 10th prospect. Vote on the 11th prospect

Sem Robberse is great for search engines, because you are not getting anything other than pictures of him if you search his name.

Cardinals Legends Play Dungeons ‘N Dragons

What class would we assign to legendary Cardinals if they were playing the world’s greatest role-playing game?

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Fanpost Friday: Fielding and baserunning outliers

Tuesday Open Thread

The day is yours!

Vote on the 10th best prospect

Chase Davis won the vote last time, and Michael McGreevy was the only other player with significant votes.

Using Breaking Balls For Called Strikes

Generating whiffs is a skill but so too is generating called strikes.

VEB Podcast: Bally, Carpenter & a Q&A with Dayn Perry of CBS & Birdy Work

Friend-of-the-site Dayn Perry joins the VEB writers for a wide-ranging conversation.

Which Mariners starter would the Cardinals most likely to trade for?

VEB Community selects Beltran, Beltre to Hall of Fame

Only one guy from the real life ballot was actually selected to be a Hall of Famer.

Questions for Dayn Perry of CBS & Birdy Work

Dayn Perry joins the VEB Podcast Thursday night. Ask him your questions!

Breaking Down The Cardinals’ Catching Conundrum

It Was A Whirlwind Behind The Plate Last Season, How Should The Team Handle The Job in 2024 and Beyond?

Meet the Cardinals 2024 International Signing Class

So far the Cardinals have signed 12 players from 5 different countries.


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