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My thoughts on the Cardinals offseason so far and what I expect at Winter Meetings

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Breaking Down Offseason Targets - Relievers Part 1

I’ve seen a few names connected to the Cardinals recently so I wanted to take a deeper look at them.

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What to Expect from the Winter Meetings

The Winter Meetings start tomorrow. Will the Cardinals be active?

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Friday Open Thread

The day is yours.

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The Latest

Fitting the Pieces Together

The Cardinals have taken care of their business. Now they can be opportunistic.

Cardinals Finalizing Deal with FA SP Sonny Gray

The Cardinals complete their rotation for 2024 by adding another veteran arm.

How good on offense does Pedro Pages need to be?

If we assume he is truly elite on defense, that is

St. Louis Cardinals Scores & Recaps

VEB Daily

Hunt and Peck

Transaction Analysis

The Cardinals can’t miss with their next move for starting pitching

Welcome to Viva El Birdos

A handy guide to the site

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Saturday SOC: Budget & Payroll Update

A payroll update and its ramification on what’s next for the Cardinals.

Birdos in Brief

Friday Open Thread

You know what to do.

Kyle Gibson is a boring and fine signing

But also, the signing doesn’t make sense unless the Cardinals have more of a plan than it appears

VEB Podcast: The Cardinals Sign Lynn & Gibson


Cardinals Acquire Veteran Starter Kyle Gibson

We will update the article with news as it continues to unfold.

Breaking Down Offseason Targets - Lance Lynn

Hopefully the righty’s second stint with the Cardinals will be just as good as his first.

The St. Louis Cardinals have signed Lance Lynn

Hmmm that name sounds familiar.

Contreras, Herrera to share a new era

For the sake of this post, the s in Contreras is silent.

Bidding farewell to Andrew Knizner

Breaking Down Offseason Targets - Alek Manoah

In 2023, the former CY Young finalist basically forgot how to do...well...everything that a good pitcher does.

The Cardinals’ Non-Tenders and The Essential Chicken Tenders Tier List

I don’t have anything to add to the title.

Cardinals non-tender Hudson, Woodford, Knizner, and Yepez

I think this qualifies as moderately surprising

Thoughts on the bullpen

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love (not caring one bit about) the bullpen

Yet another Adam Wainwright appreciation post

I promise one day I will stop writing these (oh look, had my fingers crossed).

My Rule 5 Protection and Non-Tender Picks

With the Rule 5 draft protection deadline and the non-tender deadline coming up this week, what should the Cardinals do?

An Update to Projected Payrolls

With option years exercised or rejected, we have a clearer picture of every team’s payroll

Breaking Down Offseason Targets - Kenta Maeda

If the Cardinals are looking for a back end guy, Maeda is the way to go.

VEB Podcast: Filling In My Thoughts

What’s in store for the Redbirds this offseason and beyond?

VEB Podcast: GM Meetings Q&A

The VEB writing team gathers to discuss the latest news from the GM Meetings and take listener questions!

Should fans be concerned about John Mozeliak’s offseason comments?

VEB elects 10 more players to VEB Hall of Fame

Ted Williams and others join the group.

Ask the Writers! (VEB Podcast Q&A)

The writing team is recording Thursday night. Got questions? We’ve got answers!