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Saturday Open Thread

Chat Amongst Yourselves Today

A new season is almost upon us, which will mean more content to cover and write about. But for now, we wait until the start of the season or until Jordan Montgomery or Blake Snell signs with the Cardinals.

I have a couple of ideas for articles, especially one covering the recent bullpen signings, but they’re still brewing in my head, so those will be coming out soon.

Heather is looking for extra writers for the site, so if you’re interested and know anything about the ball and stick game, consider giving it a whirl.

Gabe has his prospect countdown underway, with his 11th coming soon.

JP had a banger about Dungeons and Dragons earlier this week, be sure to check that out as well.

My last article was on the Cardinals’ catching situation, where I gave my recommendation on playing time for both Ivan Herrera and Willson Contreras.

Have a great weekend, VEB.