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We are looking for game recappers!

Ever watched a baseball game and thought “I want to write about this”? Have we got an opportunity for you!

Los Angeles Dodgers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Do you like baseball? Do like watching it? Do you want to commit to watching a specific game and then write about what happened during it for a large audience of people?

In all seriousness, Viva El Birdos is looking for folks that want to write recaps of St. Louis Cardinals games this upcoming season. I find recaps to be pretty fun to write and a fun way to explore and unpack interesting things that happened during the games that I might not have noticed. It can be a bit of work to commit to over the course of the season, but the idea is to be able to split up the games to be 1-2 per week per person. Each person might bring their own individual personality to the recaps — I try to make mine a little bit light and funny, but other people might have really thoughtful analysis or really creative writing.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please send me an e-mail (lil_scooter93 AT msn DOT com) and we can discuss it in more detail and I can answer any questions you have!