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Tuesday Open Thread

The day is yours!

I was originally planning on posting another deep dive today focused on how pitchers can leverage unorthodox pitch strategies to get called strikes but I simply ran out of time. I’m traveling for work right now and wasn’t able to finish the article I had planned. You can expect to see it on Sunday.

For now, though, the day is yours! Post about whatever you like!

If you’re looking for content, there’s plenty to get caught up on here at VEB if you’re not up to date.

Gabe posted the latest round of prospect voting yesterday. You can read the articel and participate in the voting here.

I posted a deep dive into how pitchers use high curveballs to get called strikes and which Cardinals are the best at doing so. You can read that here.

And finally, if you’re looking for a podcast, the latest version of the VEB podcast, featuring Dayn Perry, came out on Saturday. You can access that here at VEB or wherever you get your podcasts.

So feel free to catch up on some of the other stuff here on the site or join the conversation in the comments.

Have a great Tuesday!