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VEB Podcast: Bally, Carpenter & a Q&A with Dayn Perry of CBS & Birdy Work

Friend-of-the-site Dayn Perry joins the VEB writers for a wide-ranging conversation.

Good morning, Viva El Birdos!

The VEB writing team gathered on Thursday evening to record another podcast episode. This time Dayn Perry of CBS Baseball and the Birdy Work substack joined the crew.

If you’re not familiar with Dayn’s work, you should correct that. His Cardinals-focused substack is one of the best reads out there. It’s a lot like the content you are used to here at VEB. Except he can really write and has real access to information. It is a subscription service but the costs is as cheap as he can make it and will barely cut into your coffee budget. Check him out!

We covered a wide range of topics with Dayn, focusing first on the Cardinals’ acquisition of Matt Carpenter. Can he provide any offense at this point in his career? Can Oli Marmol carefully manage his workload so that he doesn’t take PAs away from developing players, like Alec Burleson? Can you have a player on your bench whose sole purpose is to draw a walk? We take up these questions and have a variety of answers.

The meat of the episode stems from Dayn’s most recent post at Birdy Works about the Bally/Diamond TV bankruptcy. He walks us through exactly what’s going on and how that might affect the club both this season and down the road.

If you’re interested in digging into this topic, you can find more of his thoughts right here.

Thanks again for offering your questions for Dayn. We had the perfect amount of questions and were able to address all of them with varying levels of discussion.

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Thanks again to Dayn Perry for joining us! Please consider subscribing to his substack. It’s well worth it.

Next up on the VEB Podcast we will do a Spring Training preview episode followed by the first in what will be a series of VEB Alumni episodes. We will be inviting former writers at the site to join us to talk about the VEB experience and about the 2024 Cardinals! From what our resident historian, DeebeeDub, can tell, this season is the site’s 20th year. We’ll have former team members on all season long. It should be a lot of fun!

Happy Saturday, VEB. Thanks as always for listening!