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Questions for Dayn Perry of CBS & Birdy Work

Dayn Perry joins the VEB Podcast Thursday night. Ask him your questions!

The VEB Podcast will record their next episode tomorrow evening — Thursday, January 25th. We’re excited to have Dayn Perry of CBS baseball and the Cardinals-focused substack “Birdy Work”.

Dayn is an excellent writer! Truly one of the best wordsmiths in our not-so-little Cardinals writing community. He’s also extremely knowledgeable about the game as a whole and the Cards specifically.

You can check out Birdy Work right here. I would recommend subscribing!

Dayn’s most recent post dealt with the Bally/Diamond Sports bankruptcy and what that means for the Cardinals. It’s one of the clearest and most informative summaries of the situation.

We’ll talk about that and about the Cardinals' offsesaon with the VEB writing team tomorrow on the podcast. We’ll also take your questions!

Got a question for Dayn? Or for the rest of the VEB writing team? Ask away in the comments. We’ll pass these questions to Dayn at around noon Thursday, so get them in now!

The podcast will post on Friday on our social media outlets and on Saturday here on the site. We have a new hosting home at Spotify! Hopefully, you won’t have any trouble finding the podcast. So far I can’t get it to show up on my Spotify searches, but it’s still everywhere else it has always been. I think it will hit when I upload our first episode. We’ll see!

Edit: I think it is working now! If you are a Spotify user, it would be AWESOME if you all could take this link to the Viva El Birdos page on Spotify and follow it:

A surge of 5.0-star ratings would be really helpful too. Our audience has taken off over the last year, and it would be good to keep this in the algorithms despite shifting hosting sites. You might have to pretend to listen to a few episodes to provide a rating. (Just scroll forward to the end of the episode and it counts it as “played”.) Thanks for the help!