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VEB Community votes on the Hall of Fame - 2024

I should say hopefully the VEB community can vote on this.

MLB: World Series-Boston Red Sox at St. Louis Cardinals H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year again. Tomorrow, we will find out who the writers elected to the Hall of Fame. I am once again postponing both my third Winter Warmup article (which I’m going to write closer to spring training) and voting on the top prospects. I intended for the results of your votes coming out in anticipation of the results, but obviously Winter Warmup kind of got in the way. Oh well, the majority of voting will be done before we find out the real life results. And this ballot is not the same as the real life ballot either.

10 players return from the ballot two years ago. I came up with a criteria, because 5% doesn’t really make sense when you I don’t do this every year. On a player’s debut ballot, they need at least 5% to return two years later. For their sophomore effort, they need 10%. And to last on a possible four ballots, a player needs 20%. I will not keep a player on a ballot after four ballots.

The Dozen Repeats

Bobby Abreu (16.8%, 2nd time)

Lance Berkman (High of 37.5%, 3rd time)

Todd Helton (40.5%, 3rd time)

Andruw Jones (46.8%, 3rd time)

David Ortiz (42.3%, 2nd time)

Manny Ramirez (34.1%, 3rd time)

Alex Rodriguez (54.1%, 2nd time)

Curt Schilling (44.5%, 3rd time)

Gary Sheffield (29.5%, 3rd time)

Billy Wagner (31.8%, 3rd time)

The 2023 ballot

The real life Hall of Fame ballot in 2024 has 26 players. Last year’s had 24 players. I’m trying to mimic a real ballot’s size, which means I have to cut some players from the 2023 ballot - players with no real shot at getting enough votes. From this particular ballot, I can safely leave Huston Street off the ballot. If Wagner gets 32% of the vote, Street certainly isn’t going to have a chance.

As for the rest, I eliminated them, because they were rarely great. They had good careers, but I just don’t see much of a chance of them being selected without more great seasons. That removes JJ Hardy, Bronson Arroyo, Mike Napoli, R.A. Dickey, and Andre Eithier.

As for the players I am including, my only real qualification is “Did this player have at least a few All-Star caliber seasons?” They do not have to have actually made an All-Star team for this to be true. I found the answer to that question to be yes for the following players:

Matt Cain, Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, John Lackey, Jhonny Peralta, Francisco Rodriguez, Jered Weaver, and Jayson Werth

Cain (3), Peralta (3), Weaver (3), Rodriguez (6), and Beltran (9) all made at least three All-Star games so those inclusions are easy enough. Werth only made one, but his OBP and defense-heavy (in his prime) game is the kind of game that would go unrecognized. Ellsbury also only made one, but he was only great at offense one time in his career, and it’s just hard to make an All-Star game with an average bat. Not sure why Lackey only made one All-Star team, but he deserved more for sure.

2024 ballot

Well, I’m in an awkward spot, because by the criteria I just made up, somehow every newcomer to the ballot deserves to be on. Legitimately every single one. I am however removing one player, because a St. Louis fan blog is just not going to vote for this guy and that’s Brandon Phillips, who is sort of a borderline selection anyway.

Jose Bautista, Adrian Beltre, Bartolo Colon, Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Holliday, Victor Martinez, Joe Mauer, Jose Reyes, James Shields, Chase Utley, David Wright

Can’t really cut any of these guys. Within this group, two players made seven All-Star teams (Holliday, Wright), three made 6 All-Star teams (Utley, Mauer, Bautista), two made 5 All-Star teams (Martinez, Gonzalez), and two made 4 All-Star teams (Beltre, Reyes). Shields only made one All-Star team, but he certainly should have made more.

Final ballot

I confess when the 2024 ballot included more guys than I had planned, I had to cut two guys who technically should be returning on the ballot. But realistically, they stand no chance. Mark Beurhle received just 8.8% of the vote last time, and Hunter just 5.5% of the time. That leaves the final ballot at 29 players, a little more than I wanted. The rules are simple: you follow the real life rules. Maximum ballot of 10 players.

I put an asterisk next to the players who have been on more than one ballot and thus probably require more priority to vote for in case you run up against the 10 player limit.

For whatever reason, I cannot get the link to the Google Form to embed like I normally can. Like the thing I usually do is not working. I don’t know if this is temporary or not. But the consequence is that the ballot isn’t conveniently on this page. You’ll have to take an extra step, click the link below and if the link works like it should - you’ll be sent to the ballot. It works for me. But then again, it’s not embedding for some reason and maybe the link won’t work. I don’t know.

Hopefully, I can embed it onto this article at some point and hopefully the link actually works. But yeah I already wrote this article and this is a timely article so can’t really delay it to figure out what I’m doing wrong.