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VEB Podcast: We Answer Your Questions

The VEB writing team answers your questions!

The VEB Podcast was back on Thursday evening, this time answering your reader questions!

Thanks so much for an incredible turnout! We had 450 comments on the questions thread. From that I pulled three pages of questions to ask the writing team. Unfortunately, that carried us way over our time budget. So some of your questions didn’t make it in. Sorry about that! But we think we covered almost all of the topics asked. Even if you didn’t get your specific question mentioned in the podcast, I’m pretty sure that you got the answer you were seeking.

As always, you can listen or watch right here on the site. Audio and video are embedded below. If you don’t have time to sit here for over an hour, you can take both with you! Audio is available through most podcast outlets, including Apple and Google. Video is available through YouTube. These podcasts are typically posted a full day before these articles are released. If you like and subscribe to your favorite media outlet, you’ll get notifications of their release before you see them here. Then you can come over here and talk about it!

Audio Podcast

Video Podcast

Next up for the VEB Podcast will be a minor league season review! We’re working on details for that, but expect an in-depth and fun conversation about the minor league system, from the promotions we saw this year all the way down to the talent in the complex league.

Have a happy Saturday, Viva El Birdos!