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VEB Podcast: Evaluating the New Talent

The VEB writers gather to talk about the trade deadline returns, give our grades, and answer your questions.

The trade deadline has come and passed. The smoke has cleared. We’ve had a chance to more carefully consider the new acquisitions.

Who stands out among the 10 players acquired at the trade deadline?

How would we evaluate and grade the front office on their acquisitions?

What’s left to do this season?

VEB writers J.P. Hill, Gabe, Blake, and Adam gathered for a lengthy podcast episode to break down a huge trade deadline. And we even find time to answer some of your questions!

Thanks so much, VEB, for submitting so many great questions! We know we didn’t get to all of them, but we’ll have a lot more end-of-season and offseason coverage in the weeks to come. Don’t worry! We’ll have many more Q&A’s for you to join in.

As always, you can watch or listen to the podcast right here on the site! Or you can subscribe to our YouTube channels or through your preferred podcast outlet.

Audio Podcast

Video Podcast

Next up for the podcast will be another player interview! We have several guests that we are working on including the newly acquired Sem Robberse, a very intriguing AA arm acquired for Jordan Hicks. We also hope to have stolen base artist Victor Scott — an elite defender in center who has, as of this moment, 70 stolen bases across two levels of the minor leagues! That’s serious speed.

Thanks as always for listening/watching, and for liking and subscribing to our podcasts. Our view counts are climbing. I’ve noticed. We’ll keep improving and we will keep having content and guests that you all want to hear.

Happy Saturday, VEB!