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Masyn Winn Called Up - An Open Thread

How exciting!

Miami Marlins v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Last night, news emerged that the Cardinals called up Masyn Winn so that he would be called up at exactly 45 days of service time, the maximum amount of time he can be on the roster and still be a rookie. Now he can’t compile more than 130 PAs or he won’t be a rookie, which actually won’t be as easy as it sounds since the Cardinals have 40 games left. I mean I guess it is easy, but be prepared to be frustrated he’s not in the lineup in about 25% of games. Well that, or the Cardinals will just play him more than that which would be weird! So that will be interesting.

I had a thought: what if the Cardinals had waited to do this with Jordan Walker? The fanbase would be foaming at the mouth at this, but in hindsight, clearly he needed at least a season in the minors to work on his outfield defense. Not that any fan would know this, if they didn’t get exposed to him at the MLB level, but man just imagine how fun the rest of the year would be had they done that.

Anyway, Masyn Winn got called up! This is exciting! I’m sorry I don’t have more for you, but here’s a new thread to talk.