Deadline Dealing

We're here on the Saturday before the trade deadline. Montgomery made another strong start yesterday that came up just a little short. It was probably his last start for the Cardinals this year, and maybe forever, but I'd make him an offer in free agency if he's interested in coming back. This is a time like the offseason, when you play around in your head with potential players joining your team, all to find out in a week what the real outcome was. In that spirit, I wanted to take a quick look at some potential trade options. I am mostly looking at top prospect lists, and some current stats, as well as some teams that may be looking at some of the players that we have available to help fill out their playoff roster. I'm also looking mostly for pitchers in return. I'm using baseballtradevalues to determine feasibility, because I don't have the depth of knowledge that others do to determine better valuations.


The Angels are going for it. Whether the right or wrong call, if Trout comes back healthy, the crew with Ohtani in his last year may have a shot. Flaherty and Hicks would help that run. In return, I'm looking at Caden Dana, 40FV, and Kevin Caceres, 35FV. At 19, Dana started in A ball this year, but the majority of his time is in high A. With a 3.34 FIP and 11.98 K/9, I think he may have a bright future ahead as a starter. Caceres is 23 and in AA. He is a bulpen guy at this stage, with 14.09 K/9 and 3.64 FIP for 23 innings in AA, with 17.18 K/9 and 1.35 FIP for 11 innings the level before earlier this year. A starting pitcher a few years out, and a potential high end bullpen arm that could likely make the jump to MLB next year seems like a good return. I know the Cardinals say that they want starters for next year, but with potential free agents like Snell, Nola, Giolito, Gray, and others available, they could go that route instead, or explore high end trades with better prospects in hand in the offseason.


The walk off homer against Wacha still hurts me, so I really don't want to trade with San Fran. They are looking for some middle infield help, though, and we're looking to offload DeJong. We'll have to throw some cash for his salary and possibly the buyout into this deal, but 21 year old 40 FV Hayden Birdsong has a name that shows he is meant to be a Cardinal. As a starter for 41 innings in A ball he had a FIP of 2.77 and 15.12 K/9. Now in high A he is at 3.97 FIP and 11.25 K/9.

Red Sox

Once again, hurt by a couple of World Series losses, I would hate to trade with Boston either. There is something deviously ironic about sending them Jordan Montgomery to stay ahead of the Yankees. Wikelman Gonzalez is 21 and 45FV. In 63 innings of high A he had a 3.54 FIP and 15 K/9. Only 12 innings so far of AA have led to a 1.59 FIP and 14.25 K/9. Dalton Rogers is 22 and has split time with 21 innings in low and 43 innings in high A ball. His FIP went from 1.98 to 4, and the K/9 from 15.78 to 13.19. He's listed as a 35FV. If you add Hicks, it's possible you might also get Luis Perales, a 20 year old 40FV who just made it to high A. Prior to that he has a 3.14 FIP and 11.98 K/9. The home run rate has hurt at the higher level, but he's only 7 innings in.


Since we beat them in the World Series, we can help them out by sending Texan Jordan Hicks their way during a year we won't be making it. If you packaged Montgomery with him, you could likely get Jack Leiter. He's 23 and 50FV. You have to believe in the talent to commit, though, as two years in AA have had about the same results with FIPs in the 5s, and K/9s around 11. If you put in Flaherty instead of Monty, you may be able to get Brock Porter. A draftee from last year's class who some here may have preferred to Hjerpe, this season has gone fairly well in A ball for the 20 year old. A 45FV, he has a 3.8 FIP with 11.55 K/9. It only seems less impressive when you compare to what Tink did for us at that level last year a little younger.


If you're burning down the house, you might be able to get Jordan Lawler for Flaherty, Montgomery, Hicks, Stratton, Helsley, and Goldschmidt. Take a few out, and maybe you get Druw Jones. Arizona is a young team that likely won't be mortgaging a bright future for a one year bonanza though. Oh, and we're not trading Goldy. It's weird that we even feel the need to say that. Flaherty and Stratton for Yu-Min Lin seems more realistic. A 20 year old as of this month, 40FV, Lin has moved from high A to AA with no hiccups. 60 innings at the first stop with a 3.14 FIP and 11.34 K/9 have been matched with 3.14 and 11 respectively, with walks down a hair.


Flaherty to California seems right in its own way. If you pull up the Dodgers top prospect list, you see a number of guys 24+ that could be in our rotation next year with varying results. Stone, Sheehan, Pepiot, Frasso, Ryan, Knack, Hurt. At some point they'll get a chance in the majors for LA or elsewhere. May could be an option if you're willing to bet on him coming back healthy. If you want younger, Kopp, Bruns, Wrobleski, Martin, and Heubeck are options. Many have the good Ks/9 that the Cardinals say they want. I'm assuming that they'll be keeping some of the higher end guys given health questions for Buehler and free agency coming for Urias. Nick Frasso for Flaherty and Stratton seems close. A 24 year old 40FV, Frasso has pitched 55 innings in AA with a 2.86 FIP and 11.8 K/9. Another option, 23 this month, 40FV Justin Wrobleski has put together a 3.21 FIP and 9.22 K/9 in high A this year. At the same level, Ronan Kopp has a 3.79 FIP and 13.25 K/9. Not all of these guys will start for a deep in pitching Dodgers team, but if you could pry one or two away, it may work out well.

So there you have it. A few trade option I put together out of curiosity. Maybe there's a bigger demand that gets them better. Maybe there are a few nice add ons, or a position player the Cardinals prefer. I haven't looked at every team that we could be trading with, but tried for a brief but deep look. Have fun on your weekend Cardinal Nation.