Ohtani for Goldschmidt

Yes impossible be would be a bold move on Mo's part. Would fill the stands and after this win streak say that we're in it to win it. Plus more Noot and Shohei antics. DeWallet must be committed to make a real bid to sign him in the offseason too.

Value: Ohtani is owed ~$15M for the remainder of the season returning a value of say 5 WAR (last yr he was a 9.6 but is pacing 12 WAR this year). $9M/WAR = $30M in excess value.

Goldschmidt is owed $13M this season and $26M next returning a value of ~8 WAR over that time (last year 7.8 but pacing 4.8 this year). $9M/WAR = $33M in excess value.

Angels need a 1B, Cards need pitching. Would like to see the Cards try to get a reliever like Jose Soriano included but I'd take it straight up so long as the Angels take care of whatever sweetener Goldy needs to waive the no trade.