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VEB Podcast: 1st Half Review + Your Questions

The VEB writing team is back after an extended break to talk about what went wrong in the 1st half and answer reader questions.

After a lengthy break, the VEB writing team is back with another episode of the VEB Podcast. This time we are talking a little about the All-Star Game, but most of our attention is focused on what went wrong during a rough first half for the St. Louis Cardinals. We then cover as many reader questions as we can! With 550 comments on the post asking for questions and topics, it was hard to cover everything, but we did the best we could.

Thanks for such a great response, Viva El Birdos! We appreciate every question and every suggested conversation topic. This is our biggest response yet, but it’s become obvious that you all enjoy participating in the podcast, and taking the opportunity to get your opinions in as well. We read the comments, as you’ll notice from the discussion toward the end of the podcast.

We’ll have another chance for you all to ask questions and suggest topics in our next podcast, which will be a trade deadline preview coming up in two weeks. We might have a guest — someone who knows what’s going on. Or we might save that guest for a post-deadline discussion, to find the dirt on what REALLY happened. Either way, there will be a lot of trade deadline conversation in the weeks to come.

As always, you can listen or watch right here on the site. Audio is available through your favorite podcasting platform. Video is available over at YouTube if you want to see the current state of Gabe’s hair + mustache.