London Series - the Precap

Good morning all. It's gameday! Now all game days are special, but this one is 4,200 miles nearer than usual, which is damn good news for everyone this side of the Atlantic. (Sorry for those of you who find the timing inconvenient, but I know you don't grudge us our moment of happiness.)

OK so are we organised? Willie McGee replica shirt located in back of wardrobe. Weather forecast 80-85 degrees and dry, don't forget the sunscreen. Train times confirmed. Exchanged numbers and photos with Burgundy. Tickets in pocket.

This is going to be an awesome day. Thanks to Country, lunch organised with Burgundy and our sons (no toasted ravioli in sight though - maybe fish and chips in tribute to Gabe?) Then find somewhere to go for a couple of beers before the walk to the stadium. Batting practice (if that proves more attractive than beers 3 and 4.) Merch (London Series hats probably). Grab a beer, take our seats, take it all in.

Then the game. Waino on the mound. Hopefully not too much watching through fingers and a few dirty curveballs. And then what will be, will be - hopefully the bats turn up today.

Bring it on. Catch you after the game VEBers!