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Two moves the Cardinals could make if they sell at the deadline

Kansas City Royals v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

With the Cardinals playing as poorly as they are right now and have this season, we all need to prepare ourselves for the possibility of the team being sellers at the trade deadline. That means no picking up an ace and possibly saying goodbye to some familiar faces.

As crazy as this sounds, this could include Paul Goldschmidt. The Cardinals haven’t been deadline sellers since 2018. But even if the Cardinals have no realistic hope of a turnaround, I am of the belief that if they do sell, they should pick up some Major League ready talent.

There are several teams that could supply the Cardinals with such if they end up becoming sellers, and today, we’ll discuss two potential moves they could make that could get them some of that talent.

Paul Goldschmidt to the Orioles for Grayson Rodriguez

Again, I know this sounds crazy. Trading Goldschmidt seems unthinkable. But if the Cardinals are out of contention, it might be worth considering.

The reigning NL MVP is turning 36 later this season, and he is a free agent at the end of the 2024 season. It might be worth seeing what the Cardinals can get for him.

The Orioles are a team that has busted out of the gates playing good baseball, and they look to be headed towards the postseason. They own the third best record in all of baseball after all, and aren’t too far behind the Rays in the AL East. Grayson Rodriguez could be a pitcher that the Cardinals take interest in.

The Orioles are very high on him, but he is not currently with the big-league club. But it’s no secret that the Cardinals are going to need pitching for 2024. Right now, only Steven Matz and Miles Mikolas are under contract for next season.

The 23-year-old Rodriguez got a taste of the Major Leagues this season. In 10 starts, he posted a 7.35 ERA and struck out 56 batters. But the future is bright for this kid, and I think it might be worth considering a trade for him if the Cardinals are out of commission by the trade deadline.

Jack Flaherty and Jordan Montgomery to the Dodgers for James Outman

This is another idea that may seem a bit outlandish, but here me out on this one. The Cardinals are also trying to figure out their outfield situation. Dylan Carlson has looked better lately, but Jordan Walker’s defense is a problem and Tyler O’Neill can’t seem to stay healthy.

Now, the Dodgers may not want to trade Outman, and the same could be said for the Orioles and Rodriguez. But Flaherty and Montgomery are both solid starters who are on expiring contracts.

Outman could be a good piece for the future while the Dodgers would get two viable starters to strengthen their rotation.

With Noah Syndergaard and Walker Buehler out, the Dodgers may came calling for some starters. It would also give Flaherty the opportunity to come home to Southern California.